Trying to give up white flour? Try these natural, non-grain flours instead, guaranteed to pack an exotic and nutritious punch to your dishes. 

We all know about the evils of white flour. Since it’s made from processing wheatflour, all the nutritional value is leached out of it.

But we love it anyway, since it imparts a soft, fluffy texture to cakes and breads that is irresistible. Guess what though? There are some healthier kinds of flours you can opt for, so read on to discover these.

#1 Coconut Flour

Dried coconut flakes are ground to make this flour, which is a grain free alternative with a hint of sweetness. Though high in saturated fats, the advantage of coconut flour is that it provides a feeling of satiety- so you will probably end up eating less.

This is ideal in pancakes, and even other kinds of cakes. Just bear in mind that it absorbs more water than whiteflour, so add a quarter cup extra water or one egg more to the recipe.

Bowl with coconut flour and half of nut on wooden background

#2 Banana Flour

Dried unripe green bananas form the base of this flour.  Luckily, it doesn’t taste of bananas since the sugars in the banana are not fully formed when it’s green. This offers a good dose of potassium, and is believed to contain a kind of starch that offers protection against colon cancer.

This is ideal for biscuits, say bakers. Bear in mind that this is high in starch, so use one third of the flour measure recommended in the recipe.

Homemade banana cake with sliced banana on butcher served.

#3 Flaxseed Meal Flour

This is made from ground, roasted flaxseeds and has a nutty flavor. This is rich in protein, fibre and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating the ground seeds is the best way to avail of the nutritious benefits, say experts. You can substitute flaxseed in specific vegan recipes, and use in place of oil or shortening in a 3:1 ratio.

flax seed and flour on the wooden table

#4 Black Bean Flour

This is made from powdered black beans, and is high in fibre and protein. In fact, nutritionists say that the high fibre content of one serving of beans, or bean flour, can actually lower your bad LDL cholesterol.

Foreverfit- blackbean flour

So eat some daily, by adding to a dip, or using to thicken soups, broths and gravies. Surprisingly, this bean flour can also be use to make brownies, by replacing one fourth of the flour measure with this.