Celebrations are in full swing, as we build up to Diwali. The only fallout is the weight gain that most of us grapple with, as a result of festive eating and drinking. Read our four step guide to keep the kilos from mounting, even while you party. 

It’s that time of year again, the festival of lights. Diwali is every Indian’s favourite occasion, because it’s so bright and glittery, and also signals the beginning of winter. Though the fasting and feasting began a month ago, Diwali remains the high point of the year. Eating, drinking and partying are in full swing. Who wants to miss out?

Here’s a simple plan to help you prevent weight gain, from now till the end of the festival.

#1 Eat light during the day

Since eating and drinking happens mostly in the evenings, it’s a good idea to cut your calories during the day. Have a high protein breakfast, and high fibre lunch with plenty of vegetables and fruit.

And don’t forget your daily bowl of yoghurt, to line your tummy and prepare it for the alcohol and spicy food that is bound to tempt you. Also, drink a glass of water every hour, and some green tea in between, to ensure you stay well hydrated. If you can’t maintain your workout, just make sure you go for a walk, or dance to your favourite music.

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If you eat like this in the evenings, make sure you eat smart in the day!

#2 Snack before you party

Before you step out at night, make sure you eat something nutritious. Have some whole-wheat toast with natural cheese, or peanut butter, or some roast chicken.  This will keep your hunger under control, and stop you from binging on calorie and fat laden snacks served at get-togethers.

Eating before you leave home also protects your stomach against the impact of alcohol. When you drink on an empty stomach, the booze tends to stick to the intestines. So if you must drink, do it on a full stomach.

Roast chicken with fresh rosemary

#3 Handle morning blues with good hydration

If you wake up any of these days feeling like a mini bomb has gone off in your brain, then you need to take instant action. Rehydrate by drinking water with added electrolytes, or a sports drink.

You can even go for a good old glass of nimbu pani with salt, or coconut water. Don’t forget to eat protein and carbohydrate heavy breakfast, to help your body recover quickly, and boost you for the day ahead.

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#4 Work off the Diwali weight

Once Diwali is over, you may have to spend the next few days working off the impact of the partying. Reduce your intake of oily, fried foods and eat more salads and fresh fruit.

If your weight gain exceeds a kilo, make sure you increase the length and intensity of your workout to shed it. This will ensure that you are back in shape, before the next round of partying begins!