Make the most of the Festival of Lights, with Foreverfit’s guide for an upbeat and safe Diwali.

If there’s one factor that can make or break Diwali week for you, it’s high energy. So make an action plan that guarantees that you make the most of your family time, and keep up the daily routine of social events minus lethargy too.

Also, don’t ignore the safety aspects of this season, since the risk of burns, noise pollution and air pollution are inevitable aspects of Diwali. Read our 4 mantras:

#1 Get Enough Me Time

Ok, we know this is the time for family and friends, but the truth is that you still need some Me time, to get into the best frame of mind. So, keep up your exercise routine, even if you have less time for this.

Post party cleansing is extremely important too, so make sure you eat lots of fruit and hydrate well during the day, to keep your digestive system in great condition. “Don’t use Diwali as an excuse to overdo eating and drinking, since you will end up paying for it with weight gain,” advises Delhi based nutritionist Avni Kaul.

Fireworks or firecrackers during Diwali or Christmas festival

#2 Get Your Firework Facts Right

Despite the Supreme Court ban on crackers, everyone knows it won’t be fireworks-free Diwali. According to the numbers cited by the Firecrackers’ Association, there’s already a huge stock of crackers from last year in the city. So, make sure you have all your safety measures worked out in advance.

  1. Avoid synthetic clothing in the evening, to reduce risk of burns. Keep a bucket of water ready for any kind of emergency, and first-aid kit around too.
  2. If you have little children or babies, make sure they are well-rested before any major event. Try and keep them indoors, to avoid exposure to pollution and protect them from noise of bursting crackers.
  3. Keep the telephone number of a 24 hour emergency helpline handy. Check out the Burns and trauma research centre, government hospitals, or private hospitals with burn treatment.

#3 Keep Your Pets Safe

Pet safety over Diwali is indeed a concern for pet lovers. If you have a dog, make sure you walk him/her during the day, before the fireworks begin and candles are lit.

Keep your pet indoors, and make sure you keep windows shut and curtains drawn, to mask sounds and flashes from fireworks. Make sure you stay calm around your pet, as agitation and anxiety transmits itself from owners to pets, very quickly.

Sitting basenji dog wearing a huge white motorcycle helmet in a room with white walls and light wooden floors

#4 Know Your Own Limits

Yes, it’s party time and some of you will be drinking, playing cards and pushing yourself for days and nights, on end. But do remember that your body has its limits. So listen to it.  Cut the evening short if you start feeling bleary eyed. And, don’t drink and drive. In the end, protecting yourself really counts!