Every single day, our bodies surprise us in many ways. Some surprises are strange: for instance, hiccups, tears, and goosebumps. If you’ve ever wondered why these happen to us, read on.

Foreverfit- Eye with tears close up

#1 Why do we shed tears?

You probably think crying is a sign of weakness, not even good for you. But researchers suggest otherwise. They say that crying eliminates stress.

In fact, tears flush out the substances that build up in the body during stressful times. Emotional tears actually contain soothing substances! Crying is believed to restore emotional balance, so that’s why we feel better after crying.

#2 Why do we get hiccups?

They can happen at the wrong time, like in the middle of a meeting. Indeed, hiccups can be very annoying! These occur when the broad sheet of muscle separating your chest, from your stomach, is irritated.

This contracts, leading to a series of reactions that end in a “hic” sound. Some reasons for these spasms are anxiety, acid reflux and even over-eating. Fortunately, hiccups usually disappear after a few moments

In case they persist, or are accompanied by unexplained weight loss, a poor appetite or coughing of blood, then you need to head off to the doctor.

Foreverfit- Goosebumps

#3 Why do we get goosebumps?

Goosebumps are your body’s way of signalling a fight-or-flight response. They develop when the muscles under the base of the hair contract, leading the hair to stand straight up.

In animals, goosebumps appear as a signal that they need to protect themselves against predators.

#4 Why do our joints make a noise at times?

Our joints sometimes make a variety of sounds: cracking, popping, grinding or snapping. The click or snap sound is due to tendons or ligaments slipping over each other, or over a bone.

Sometimes the sounds may be due to a gas bubble release. When we pop, or crack a joint, the joint capsule stretches. So, gas is rapidly released, causing bubbles to form.

If you enjoy cracking your knuckles, then bear in mind that you can only crack knuckles more than once, if you’ve waited for the gas to develop!Foreverfit- Woman sleeping in bed

#5 Why do we dream in our sleep?

Generally, dreams consist of experiences that are difficult to remember or interpret. Varying theories exist about why we dream, but none are entirely conclusive. Possibly, dreaming helps us process issues that consciously or sub-consciously loom in our minds.

Some believe that dreaming helps us solve problems. When we dream and sleep, the brain sorts all the information it collects during the waking hours. Then, it decides what to store and what to shed.