Sometimes the most routine lifestyle behaviour can be hazardous to your health. Read on, to discover 5 mistakes you may be making. 

#1 Over-zealous bathing

Having a bath is, well, part of everyone’s daily routine. But guess what? You can over-do baths too, with excessive scrubbing and shampoo and soap use.

Using extremely hot or cold water from a high-speed shower can actually strip the outer protective layer of the skin. This enables the entry of free radicals to attack our skin and raises our risk of skin infections.

Foreverfit- Seating Toilet

#2 Using a Western style toilet

You may laugh out loud at this one! Like it or not, going for a poo on a modern toilet is bad for you. That’s because it isn’t designed for human beings, and sitting on the seat for too long can lead to hemorrhoids and intensify constipation.

Squatting on an Indian style toilet is better for you, since the posture enables an easy elimination of waste!

Breathing exercise Pranayama - Alternate nostril breathing often performed for stress and anxiety relief

#3 Shallow breathing

Most of us breathe automatically, assuming we are doing fine. So we don’t notice when we become shallow, chest breathers. By breathing via the chest only, we use just half of our lung capacity, creating oxygen deficiency in our bodies. In addition, this increases our vulnerability to anxiety and fatigue.

To get back into the right breathing mode, pay attention to your breath. Make sure you inhale and exhale deeply, with your tummy moving up and down.

Fashionable beautiful big red handbag on the arm of the girl in a fashionable white dress and sneakers posing near the wall on a warm summer night. Warm color.

#4 Carrying a heavy handbag

Carrying a heavy weight on one side of your shoulder causes an imbalance in the muscular structure. When you walk around with a heavy bag, you end up leaning over the other side, to keep the bag from falling.

As long as you hold that bag, you trigger neck, shoulder and back problems. 

Foreverfit- Car Windows Open

#5 Driving with open windows

All of us love to cruise around with our windows open, to feel the wind on our faces. But by exposing yourself to the polluted roads, you end up harming your lungs. So, keep your windows shut and keep the AC on low, or use the air filter to ensure you stay healthy.