Hidden ingredients in your favourite foods can sabotage your weight loss plans. Foreverfit tells you about the top 5 enemies of weight loss.

#1 Large portions
WM4 5 enemies of weight loss - large portions
Eating too much of any food, even the healthiest kind, can be fattening beyond your imagination. So get familiar with the concept of portion control and measure the amount you eat.

#2 Fatigue

Tiredness is the biggest enemy of dieters, since it drives cravings for sweet, fatty and fried foods. So, learn to differentiate between hunger and tiredness, and drink a big glass of water before you reach out for that brownie.

#3 High fructose corn syrup

This additive is a menace for those trying to cut down their calorie and sugar intake, since it has altered our tastes and taught us to crave more sweetness. Check the labels of foods you buy, and try and keep off those with ingredients that include this syrup.

#4 Stuffed foods & snacks with a double whammy

Watch out for foods with “add-ons”: Cheese crust pizza, peanut butter packed cookies, brownie fudge ice-cream, are just some examples of foods that pack a double whammy when it comes to calories. If you must eat a pizza, order thin crust, since the cheese burst kind has almost double the calories.

#5 The wrong fats
Nutritional label with a focus on fats.

Avoid saturated and trans fats, since these are truly as bad as they are made out to be. The best way to do this, is to avoid commercially prepared foods and even bakery items. Also, do read labels on food packages, to see what kind of fats have been used to prepare food items.

If the term “partially hydrogenated oil” appears in conjunction with a high total fat content, you should consider changing your mind about eating what’s in that package!