Inspired by the #squatyourdog viral trend? Foreverfit tells you the advantages of a dog workout.

Let’s face it, your dog is probably the best workout buddy you could ever have. Dog owners will attest to the fact that their dogs can do more for them than a treadmill.  Now, we have many studies proving that dogs can be powerful motivators to get people moving. Couch potatoes with dogs, are definitely more active than their pals without a canine.  

Dog workouts in the news

Dog workouts came into the limelight recently, whenfitness blogger Alyssa Greene launched the #squatyourdog challenge. “ It’s a fun way to bring the gym to your house,” she said. 

Thousands of people, including fitness communities around the world followed her suit and began posting videos of themselves doing weighted squats with their dogs. The result was many wagging tails and an increase in beautifully toned gluteal muscles. 

Advantages of sneaking in a few squats and lunges with your dog

#1 Increases bonding time with your pet

If you include your pet in your workout, you automatically increase the number of hours of time spent together. This strengthens the bond between you and your pet, who may have been feeling neglected due to your busy schedule.  

Dog lies on the yoga mat when his owner does yoga exercises

#2 Win-win at both ends of the leash

Pets have been scientifically proven to increase happiness of their owners. In fact, recent studies have showed that pet owners are actually fitter than those without pets. Plus, by devoting extra time to your pet, you are improving THEIR health too!

lazy dog did not go for a walk

#3 Dog workout is more exciting

 Bored of the same old treadmill running? Taking your dog for a run outside will definitely add some spice to your workout, and will probably make you sweat more.

Woman holding dog and yoga mat in gyms

#4 Leaves no space for excuses

Have you hit the much dreaded weight loss plateau? Make a commitment to take your dog out for a run or a walk on a daily basis, rather than relying on a family member to do so. You will not be able to wriggle out of this routine, and will burn some extra calories on a regular basis.

Image of young girl running with her dog, alaskan malamute, outdoor at autumn or winter. Mourning jogging. Healthy lifestyle. Husky. Guide-dog

#5 Saves money by serving as cheap weights

The whole #squatyourdog challenge has proven that dogs are effective, if somewhat wriggly, weights! Dogs weigh anywhere between 10 to 40 kg, which make them ideal for weight training.

So, whether you take your dog out for a run, or simply let him observe you train, your pet should be a regular part of your fitness routine. You could also try joining a local dog-walking group like the Woof Woof Walkers in Delhi.