Wellness blogger Jia Singh tells Foreverfit about the habits that helped her with body sculpting. Her adage is to choose foods carefully, and follow a mixed workout regime. 

#1 Don’t Depend on Dairy for Calcium

By watching eye-opening documentaries about food such as Earthlings and Food Inc. I began feeling that the dairy industry is unhealthy and cruel. So, I gave up drinking milk about 4 years ago but still have yogurt and cheese occasionally.

Since then, my skin has never been clearer. Also, I have less abdominal bloating. Many adults have lactose intolerance, even though they may not be aware of it. Though antibiotic and hormone-free milk is hard to find in India, you can try swapping regular milk for almond, soya, or rice milk. Get your calcium from flax seeds, sesame seeds, and chia seeds.

Useful seed. Proper nutrition with the addition of seeds. Chia seeds. Flax seeds. White sesame seeds. Sesame seeds black.

#2 Fight Inflammation Naturally

Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is an amazing anti-inflammatory compound. When I wake up, I drink a tea made from turmeric, holy basil, black pepper and a dash of honey. During the winter, I add ginger to this mix.

And guess what? The muscle and joint pains that bothered me after a workout, have almost disappeared. Another one of my favourite drinks is haldi milk. You can make this by adding turmeric to some almond milk too.

Fresh turmeric roots and turmeric powder on wood background

#3 Line Your Stomach Before You Go Out

I rarely drink, but when I do I opt for low-calorie alcohols such as tequila and vodka. The thing is, I have nothing against drinking once in a while. But I find that a lot of the Delhi nightlife culture involves binge-drinking, which is something I don’t enjoy.

I would rather eat a steak and consume the same number of calories. If you are going to go out to a bar with friends, make sure to have dinner and carry a protein bar in your purse if it’s going to be a long night.

If you’re worried about eating a full meal before putting on a tight dress, have a couple of spoons of almond/peanut butter and a banana. This high calorie snack will keep you satiated for a while, without making you bloat.

Gold Mexican tequila with lime and salt close up. Tequila. Tequila shot ** Note: Shallow depth of field

#4 Lift Weights and Lift Them Often

Most gyms and workout studios focus on cardiovascular exercises but I noticed the biggest change in my body when I started with weight training.

While cardiovascular exercises are great for building stamina and burning calories fast, lifting weights every other day will help you tone your body and burn calories even on your rest days.

Top view of accessories for fitness in black grey tone. Dumbbells weight plates gloves for gym sport watchmusic player and bottle of water on wooden background. Concept for sport or workout.

#5 Eat Mindfully

Each household should have a no-phones-at-the-table rule! There are times when we eat in a hurry, at our desks, scrolling through Instagram on our phones. However, we may not realize just how many calories we are putting down and we certainly don’t pay attention to the flavours of the food we are eating.

Another habit to break is eating in front of the television instead of at the dining table, as we are too distracted by technology to focus on the food. If you eat with family, friends, or even alone at a table, you are less likely to overeat. This is another way to avoid eating calories you don’t need!

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