Obsessed with the idea of physical perfection? Chasing media driven images of a perfect body can lead to distortions of body image, fuelling anxiety and eating disorders

What does having the perfect body mean? Is it a personal quest, or a compulsion developed to meet a media driven body image? Either way, the pursuit of perfection will surely doom you to misery. So, work to overcome this mind-set, using the suggestions that follow.

#1 Stop comparing yourself to other people

Comparisons are the bane of our existence and make it difficult to accept what we are, and what we have. If you are chasing a perfect body to compete with those in your social circle, then stop. Work to accept yourself and improve your health and well-being instead.

Foreverfit- woman dreaming about a fit body/body image

#2 Develop your own individualized goals

It is important that you set your own targets and decide on what you can aspire for, based on your own needs. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should accept obesity or medical problems.

What I want to stress is that your goals for your body should be individual. Importantly, paying attention to your health and having a healthy body, is more important than subscribing to any particular body type or chasing an unattainable body image.

#3 Remember that not everyone is built the same way

We are all different in our constitution and physical appearance, and these differences make us all unique which is a good thing. That’s why the routes to physical change vary from one person to another.

So don’t get disheartened if you don’t reach your goals using a strategy. You may need to modify it and determine what works for you.

Foreverfit- woman with a good body image

#4 It is ok to have a body type that does not conform to what the media projects

There is no ideal body type or size. What matters most is good health. So, start by accepting yourself.  This dictum holds true for our body image as well. Can’t we all look ‘awesome’?

More importantly, perceptions of what constitutes awesome also vary, which is why we must learn to accept and value what we have.

#5 Always focus on balancing the methods you use to reach your goals

Changing your body involves a combined focus on what you eat, and how you exercise. Balance is very important, so don’t engage in extreme measures, that will be detrimental in the long run. Get over the perception that you must have a perfect body. Aim for a strong, healthy body instead.