The rain brings joy, cool, and a deluge of diseases, so take these precautions to keep your kids healthy during this season

#1 Inculcate good hygiene habits

The monsoon is the season for air-borne viral infections. It’s time to remind your children of good hygiene habits. They should wash hands before meals, sneeze into the crook of the elbow or a handkerchief, and avoid nail-biting and thumb-sucking. Older children should carry a bottle of hand sanitiser in their bags.

#2 Keep dry to protect against skin infections

Children love playing in the rain, and keeping them dry can be a challenge. The humid weather increases susceptibility to fungal infections, so keep your offspring warm and dry. If your kids soak themselves in the rain, do dry their heads immediately using a hair dryer. Also, change their clothes.

Remember not to mix soggy clothes with clean, dry ones. Also, do consider investing in special shoes like gumboots or Crocs to keep the feet dry and lightweight umbrellas and raincoats.

#3 Protect from water-borne diseases

The rules for avoiding illnesses like typhoid, diarrhea, jaundice, etc., are pretty simple – make sure your children carry their own water bottles, and avoid outside food. At home, make sure the food you serve is hot and freshly prepared. Ensure your kids drink enough water and healthy drinks like nimbu pani and coconut water to stay hydrated and healthy.

#4 Protect against mosquito-borne diseases

Even though the weather is muggy, it is important to dress your children in full-sleeved clothes and long pants to protect against mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellents liberally, and keep your home spaces clean.

Do not allow water to stagnate, since mosquitoes are bound to lay their eggs in the pool. As you know, a major challenge of the rainy season, is protecting kids from dengue and malaria.

#5 Exercise caution during playtime

Slippery roads and parks are the norm, in this season. It’s easy to have accidents, so do warn your children to be cautious. Encourage indoor activities and games. If they insist on going outdoors, do ensure that they wear water resistant footwear.