Diwali brings lights and cheer, but also impacts air quality in our homes and outside. Here are some measures to protect your lungs from air pollution.

It’s the best time of the year, when all Indians are in a celebratory mood and gearing up for Diwali. Markets and homes are shimmering with lights and decorations. But the moment Diwali night ends, our spaces are trapped in heavy smog. The air quality in and around our homes has deteriorated overnight, leading to serious health problems for many.

Here are some measures to minimize the impact of air pollution on your health.

#1 Limit your outdoor workouts

If you can, then opt for an indoor workout, or for a shorter, less intense run. Experts say that a cardio workout draws polluted air deeper into the lungs.

Also, during a workout you often breathe through your mouth, so the air doesn’t get filtered through your nasal passages. Remember that the damage pollution can cause to your body, is higher than the benefits of exercise.

#2 Improve indoor air quality with houseplants

In such times, it’s better to focus your attention towards your immediate environment, over which you have some control. An easy way to enhance the quality of indoor air, is to place some houseplants inside your house.

Aside from looking pretty, these ferns have an advantage of absorbing harmful gases through pores on the surface of their leaves.

hand watering a plant with watering can

#3 Don’t step out of your home without a face-mask

It is going to be a tough month for your lungs, wearing a mask outdoors during these days will cut-down your intake of harmful gases to a large extent. Masks are not perfect, but they at least filter out larger pollutant particles.

It is very important to buy a good quality pollution mask that filters air you inhale, has an active carbon layer, and also a valve which opens and shuts down as you exhale and inhale. Be very sure of the fitting, because any gaps in the mask renders it completely useless.

Woman With Respiratory Mask Out in Polluted City

#4 Eat an anti-oxidant rich diet

Some studies have suggested that a diet high in anti-oxidants can reduce the impact of inhaling noxious air. Antioxidants donate molecules to stabilize free radicals and reduce oxidative damage. So, go for natural sources of these valuable immunity boosters.

Health and super food to boost immune system in wooden bowls, high in antioxidants, anthocyanins, minerals and vitamins. Also good for cold and flu remedy.

#5 Use apps and websites to track pollution

A glance from your window will give you a rough idea of the pollution outside, but don’t rely solely on your judgement. Go for an app to help you out like SAFAR. Or use a website, for the same purpose.