Fit foodies juggle a voracious appetite with their nutritional and calorific needs. Here are some gadgets to reduce their kitchen woes. 

How, you may wonder, does a person with a passion for fitness and food cope when it comes to meals? The answer is simpler than you imagine. Fit foodies work on the principle of food substitution, without compromising on flavour.

For instance, using oil in place of butter, and naturally sweet ingredients in place of sugar, and so on. Fortunately, technology is also on their side. After scouring our shelves, we list 7 handy kitchen gadgets and tools for the fit foodie:

#1 Yolk Separator: Invest in one of these, to separate the yolk from the egg-whites faster and more efficiently. This is ideal for those whose diets consist of multiple egg whites daily.

#2 Air Fryers: An air-fryer allows you to relish fried foods, with a minimal amount of oil usage, and therefore, fewer calories. Use it to make kebabs, samosas, or even spring rolls.

#3 Meat Thermometers: If a high protein, non-vegetarian diet is your mantra, then you simply must have one of these. It ensures that meat, chicken or fish is perfectly cooked.

#4 Immersion Blenders: Essential for preparing your post-workout smoothies, or whipping up a quick storm in a glass, on the go!

Pork roast with Vegetables in a Slow Cooker.

#5 Slow Cookers: These preserve nutrients and flavours in meats and vegetables, and offer the advantage of not needing to be stirred!

#6 PowerPot V:  This is perfect for your hiking/camping weekends; the pot gathers energy from any heat source and has a USB port so you can use that energy to juice up your phone.

#7 Steamers: Boiling vegetables may lead to the loss of vital nutrients, and other cooking techniques such as sautéing call for the use of oil or butter. The lightest, healthiest way to prepare meats and veggies is steaming. You can cook up a perfect post-workout meal using a steamer.