Check out these fundamental rules of gym etiquette, so you don’t end up being the gym rat who annoys everyone around. 

Whether you are a newbie who just got a gym membership this year, or a long-time gym goer, the rules stay the same. Read and follow these 7 common-sense rules, that ensure you a great workout experience.

Foreverfit- Weight Rack

#1 Rack your weights

Nothing is more frustrating than hunting for weights on the floor, in the middle of your strength training session. So do make sure you rack your weights, so that both your pals in the gym and the employees benefit from your good manners.

You could take the task of re-racking your weight as an extra rep of your exercise, since this will help you burn some extra calories.

#2 Wear indoor shoes 

It is a good idea to carry specialized gym shoes for your workouts. This habit helps to keep your gym floor and equipment clean.

Especially important during rainy, slushy days, your gym shoes will help protect the floors from mud and dirt. Also, this gesture of civility will be appreciated by your fellow gym goers

#3 Skip working out when you have a cold

While you may think, it’s ok to exercise even when you have a runny nose or a sore throat. But others around you may feel differently about your dedication.

Just because you feel energetic enough to work out, doesn’t mean it’s to bring your germs into the gym. By working out, you put others in the gym at risk of falling ill. So, do the right thing: take a few days off, or workout at home.

Foreverfit- Personal Hygiene

#4 Keep your hygiene in check

All of us like to shower after a workout, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take one before you head to the gym. Unless you clean up, your body odour is bound to bother those around you.

The same goes for your clothes. So, if you insist on wearing same workout clothes over and over again, others around you are bound to protest. Spraying your stinky clothes with deodorant isn’t helpful either.

Instead, keep a few sets of workout clothes in your car and locker, and head to your gym fresh and clean,  to avoid embarrassing yourself and others.

#5 Maintain a distance

It can be tricky to do this in a crowded gym, but you need to give others space. So, always try to pick an area that gives others enough room to do their own thing. If things are too tight, just be the better person and find a spot that’s a little less crowded.

Foreverfit- Painful Arm Workout

#6 Avoid grunting and yelling

Grunting and yelling as you lift weight is not just frustrating for others, but also it makes you appear like you’re tying to grab some attention. And yes, people will notice you, but not in a way you want them to.

#7 Wipe the machine

It is ok to sweat during a  workout, and even a good sign. But this doesn’t mean you are allowed to pour your sweat all over the machines. If you sweat on the machine, make sure you wipe it off.