Determined to disprove the theory that egg yolks are unhealthy and lead to high cholesterol, Anshul Augnivansh decided to eat 720 whole eggs in a month. Read his story.

After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I participated in Musclemania India 2015. I was a runner-up in the bodybuilding category and won 3rd place in the Sports Modeling category.

Later, I participated in Fitfactor India and reached the Finals from Bangalore.

I made a career in fitness

In 2016, I decided to make a career in the fitness industry. So, I moved to New York to get a Master’s degree in Sports Management.

In addition, I used knowledge of workouts and nutrition by becoming an online fitness consultant. Since then, I have helped more than 150 people transform their bodies and lifestyle through my online training program.

Fear of egg yolks is rampant

I help most people transform through a ketogenic diet, which requires you to eat a fat and protein-rich diet. Usually, I provide a diet plan that includes eating 5-6 egg yolks a day.

But, many people simply refused to eat these many yolks because they believe that these lead to high cholesterol and have a high fat content.

Role of cholesterol under debate

According to me, this is a myth, and I hate watching people toss out yolks- which have such high-quality protein.Though the cholesterol debate still rages on, many doctors believe that there’s too much focus on cholesterol.

In fact, the US Department of Health Said in 2015 that cholesterol is no longer a subject of concern- that dietary cholesterol isn’t always connected to the blood cholesterol levels.

Found out a way to bust this myth

I decided to find a way to prove that egg yolks are a great protein, that can help you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. What better way to demonstrate this, than putting myself on an egg diet?

Of course others have done this: Vince Gironda, the iron guru himself ate 36 eggs a day. He said the impact was similar to that of ingesting a mild steroid cycle of dianabol. In 2008, chef Nigella Lawson’s now ex-husband Charles Saatchi went on a 9 egg a day diet, and lost 31 kg!

Started eating 24 eggs a day

My diet was more extreme. I decided to eat 24 eggs a day, for 30 days. In total, I ate 720 eggs in a month. Along with eggs, I ate green leafy vegetables cooked in butter and cheese.

Also, I took supplements to make up for any micronutrient and electrolyte deficiencies that may arise.

Easy for me to stick to

Following this diet was easy for me because I used to eat 30 egg whites daily, when I competed as a bodybuilder in India. This diet worked well for me: I started at 102 kg, and after a month my weight dropped to 97 kg.

But, the diet got boring towards the end, and I had to force myself to stick to it. Apart from that, everything was great, even my energy levels were high during this diet.

I wouldn’t suggest you try this diet without guidance, or if you have underlying health problems because it doesn’t suit everyone. You need to be adapted to fat, which happens only if you have tried a low carb high fat diet before