Ever wondered why your diet isn’t working? Maybe the answer lies in your drinking habits. Foreverfit runs you through some basic facts about alcohol. 

If you enjoy a couple of beers or glasses of wine on a daily basis, then please stop and consider this fact. All alcoholic beverages contain ‘empty’ calories and carbs, and offer zero nutrition.

So basically, boozing may give you pleasure, but it certainly does you no good. In particular, it may be one reason why you aren’t shedding any weight, despite your workout and stringent diet plan.  Also, too much drinking is bound to take its toll on your body and energy level.

Count your calories
Each kind of liquor contains a different number of calories. So, your calorific intake will vary based on the volume and type of liquor you consume. While a 1.5-ounce shot of rum, vodka, gin, or whiskey has around 100 calories, beware of beer, because one pint has about the same number of calories as a large slice of pizza.

A 12 ounce bottle of beer has about 150 calories, while a glass of red or white wine is roughly 125 calories. And believe it or not, champagne has the lowest calorie count per serving, of 84 per 4 ounces.

Even though many brands have now come up with ‘light’ alcohol versions that serve less than 80 calories per 175 ml, experts recommend that you control your weekly intake to 14 units spread over 3 to 4 days.

Individual impact varies
The more liquor you consume, the greater your health risks. Each individual’s body reacts differently to alcohol though. Liquor absorption is directly proportional to body weight and height. So, a person weighing 60 kg will have a greater concentration of alcohol in the blood, compared to a person weighing 80 kg.

In general it takes a guy roughly 60-75 minutes to metabolise one beer. But women are more susceptible to the damaging impact of booze, because they metabolize alcohol differently from men. In particular, they have fewer enzymes to digest alcohol, so suffer more consequences.

Eat before you hit the bottle
Now, if you aren’t willing to give up your favorite alcoholic drink, then here are a few tips to reduce the impact. The first is, have a healthy snack before you hit the bottle, since drinking on an empty stomach irritates the lining.

Go for a high-protein snack such as grilled chicken, paneer tikka or even a chickpea salad. Secondly, drink a glass of water, for every drink you put down. Lastly, do try and linger over your drink and make it last as long as possible.