Aqua Aerobics is an ideal exercise for every age group, since it is easy on the joints and fun to do. 

Aqua Aerobics is simply aerobics in shallow water, or in a pool with waist deep water. Participants follow the movements of an instructor in the swimming pool.  The water provides resistance and buoyancy, that makes the movements intense and ensures a better toning of the muscles.

Aqua aerobics is of various types: Aqua Zumba, Water Yoga, and Aqua Jog. This form of exercise is recommended for the elderly too, since the strain on the joints is alleviated by the upthrust of the water.

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

#1 Adds strength and toning to cardio workouts

These may not be a very intense routine of cardio exercises, but the resistance provided by the water enables toning of the body and muscle strengthening.

 #2 Exerts minimal pressure on your joints

The buoyant effect of this workout ensures that there’s no strain on the joints, and the muscles of the back. Water pressure eases the strain on the heart, enabling greater flow of blood without working the heart too head. Blood pressure also drops.

# 3 Is a safe form of exercise for the elderly

The elderly can also enjoy the benefits of aqua aerobics as the water provides a stable environment especially for those with balance-control issues. Even if an individual slips, there is no risk of injury, due to absence of impact. Water allows greater motion or wider arcs of movement, as there is minimal gravitational pull.

 #4 Infuses fun into routine swimming

While swimming is a great exercise for everyone, just doing laps can get boring after a while. Add a session of aqua aerobics to up the pleasure quotient, and provide some variation to the routine.