Sensei Subodh Dhiman, Chief Instructor, Renbukai Karate India, tells us why karate is the ultimate workout for  all age groups. 

Karate originated in Japan as a martial art. “The primary forms of karate include Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu, Shotokan, and Wado-ryu. These differ in their approach,” says Sensei Subodh Dhiman, Chief Instructor, Renbukai Karate India. Yet all forms are united in techniques that use the hands, feet, and, legs and arms like weapons.

Martial arts teach unarmed combat, with kicks, punches and blocks. Quick moves involve snapping of the joints, and require intense concentration. They build flexibility, strength, and endurance.

 Benefits according to Subodh

#1 Good for the heart
“Karate is for all age groups and you can do it even if you are 60 years old,”  says Subodh, whose classes include  children as well as the middle aged and elderly. Being a complete body workout, karate helps improve blood circulation and is therefore excellent for heart health.

#2 Induces good sleep
The regular practice of karate induces deep and restful sleep. “The meditation sessions held before and after karate lessons help significantly in improving the body’s sleep patterns,” says Subodh. In addition, karate  improves the concentration and focus of practitioners.

#3 Promotes weight loss
Being a combination of yoga and other techniques used in sports and martial arts, karate practice is an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Aside from its cardiovascular benefits, karate builds core strength, endurance and muscle tone.

#4 Builds emotional well-being

Various moves such as kata in karate improve mental health. As Sensei Subodh sums up: “Karate  improves a person’s overall well-being. It also instills determination and balance, essential for the well-being. If yoga is the art of living, then karate teaches the way of living.”