Advocate Gaurav Goyal was a serial dieter. But maintaining his weight loss remained a dream, till he became a contestant in The Biggest Loser challenge and adopted a personalised diet and exercise plan. 

Hands down, I considered myself the best dieter on the face of the planet. In my recollection, I must have lost at least a gazillion pounds over the course of my lifetime. But there’s one notable exception: I had never been able to keep any of the weight off for very long, without gaining it all back, plus more.

Made a serious commitment to my health

But in 2015, I made a commitment to losing weight, and getting fit. A back injury had put me out of action for a while, and I promised myself that I would fix it, permanently.

So I started on a regular exercise regimen. My trainer Amit Khutel was careful to guide me with the utmost care, since my back was injured and I couldn’t do much exercise. Nevertheless, he corrected my posture and taught me techniques that would help me recover.

Tried every diet off the net

I monitored my diet on my own, and tried almost every other diet technique available off the net. For the first few weeks I lost quite a few pounds but was still not satisfied with the fat loss.

Then I came across Atkins, and felt that this is the only way out. I followed this high protein judiciously for period of three weeks with minor slips, and lost almost 20 pounds of fat. However, as soon as I started getting back to the ‘normal diet’ some weight came back. My efforts to find my ‘perfect diet’ failed, again.

gaurav goyal 1

Biggest Loser Challenge

But then I heard about The Biggest Loser Challenge. My trainer pushed me to register myself for this, and that’s how I met a nutritionist who tailor made a diet for me, based on my routine and needs. Most importantly, she catered to my taste buds, which is what most dietitians don’t do.

Each diet Avni Kaul gave me lasted for a week, and allowed me to consume all the things that I ate routinely. viz. wheat, rice, sugar etc. One of the biggest pros of her dietary counseling was that she listened well, and provided me feedback and advice specifically suited to my own circumstances and lifestyle.

I was able to correct the behavior that was setting me back. Her advice is not about “designing a diet”. Instead, it’s about creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The best part is I get to eat almost everything, and keep my cravings at bay.

Weight Loss changed my life

During this challenge I lost 10-15 pounds and felt great. Not for the fact that I was losing weight but because I was finally able to lose weight with a balanced diet. As a result of these changes, I am more energetic. Also, I am better informed about nutrition, and smarter about grocery shopping and making food choices.

Transformative lifestyle changes are never easy, nor are they ever achieved wholly in a vacuum. Quite honestly, I would never have gotten to this point. Taking on a healthy lifestyle I now proudly maintain without my trainer and nutritionist’s help, is a real leap.

Although I still consider myself a “work-in-progress”, I have no doubt that I will attain my weight loss goals.  And this time, I believe I’ll be able to maintain it.