Ever thought of charting your workout plan on the basis of your body type?  Foreverfit  offers tips on the ideal exercise and food choices, for three body types. 

The Ectomorphs
If you are lean, small-built, and thin-framed then you belong to this group. You Ectomorphs don’t gain weight easily, even if you eat well and put in long hours in the gym. Your high metabolic rate explains this.

Your best workout
Because of your speedy burn rate, you shouldn’t spend time on intense cardiovascular exercises, or long-distance running. Instead, your focus needs to stay on strength training. Make sure you engage in short and intense exercises that develop the core and other big muscle groups, three days a week.

Rather than engaging in isolated moves like bicep curls, go for whole body workouts like deadlift or the German Volume Training to achieve a toned look. You can supplement this with some low intensity cardio, or head to the pool a couple of days a week. Swimming offers a good opportunity to build resistance, and boost your heart rate.

Food tip: Concentrate on a healthy balanced diet, and work out designed to help you gain muscle mass. Stick to complex carbs and healthy sources of fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. Aim to eat about 2 g per kilo of body weight of proteins per day, to help build bigger muscles.

The Endomorphs
You fall into this group if your body is pear shaped, or an obvious belly.  You endomorphs  usually have a large frame and a rounded, bulky body. Keeping your weight in check isn’t easy.

Your best workout
Though you may be tempted to sweat it out on the treadmill for long periods, this won’t work. Instead you need to go for metabolism boosting exercise. If you who are still nimble, you should do interval-based conditioning like sprints and box jumps instead.

But if you have achy joints, try slower but intense routines like burpees, or cycling. Concentrate on burning more calories with moderate to intensity cardio five to seven times a week. Go for complete body strength training a few times a week too. Upper body workouts that add volume to the shoulders and back have a slimming effect.

Food tip: Cut down on carbs, and eat smaller meals that are higher on protein. Remember to limit your fat intake by up to 20%. Instead, go for protein foods like tuna, green gram sprouts and chicken, and trade simple carbs for the compound kind, found in brown rice, grains, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Mesomorphs
If you have chiseled muscles and a well shaped body, you belong to this category. This is God’s gift to you, since most mesomorphs are naturally endowed with good figures. But beware of sloth!

Your best workout

Mesomorphs may appear athletic, but they also have the tendency to become apple or pear-shaped unless they exercise regularly. The ideal workout for this group is a combination of cardio and strength training throughout the week. Circuit training is the best bet, since it builds stamina and also promotes growth of lean muscles.

Mesomorphs need to avoid overdoing weight training, as it may lead to a bulky look. Instead, go for pilates and yoga to build flexibility and muscle tone, and prevent the muscles from bulking up and ruining your shape.

Food tip: Consume a balanced diet that comprises of 30% proteins, 40% carbs, and 30% healthy fats. Since it’s easy for you to gain and lose weight, eat moderately and ensure you get enough good protein and unsaturated fats in your meals.