Playing a good game of badminton calls for nimble footwork and a strong sense of strategy. Foreverfit advises you on skills you need to build, before heading off for a game. 

Badminton is an easy to play sport, very popular among the young and old alike. But before you try your hand at this game, here are some skills to master.

#1 Figure out your grip

It is very important to know the correct way of holding a racquet, otherwise it becomes difficult to execute strong shots. A forehand grip works best for all major shots including the one over your head. You can, however, try the backhand grip, when hitting with your elbow positioned either up or down.

#2 Learn to Serve

There are four different kinds of serves in a badminton game: high serve, low serve, flick serves, and the drive serve. You need to strategise properly and see what kind of serve would work in your favor.

For instance, a high serve will make the shuttle travel a bigger distance, while a low one would have a smaller trajectory.  Also, there’s the flick serve, which is used to trick the opponent into thinking it is a low serve. And finally, you have the drive serve, wherein you hit the shuttle so hard and low, that it travels behind your opponent!

Father and son playing badminton.Family with activity.

#3 Get your footwork right

Footwork plays a vital role in badminton. So, get into position by bending your knees, and keep your body relaxed ready to hit when served. You should either shuffle your feet, or glide to move from one position to another.

Practice lunging and quick steps, to hit the shuttle accurately without missing. You need quick reflexes, and a sharp understanding of the shuttle’s position, to hit it properly.

#4 Understand the scoring

You need to ideally score 21 points in a match consisting of 3 games and you will score a point every time you win a rally. The win is declared by a minimum point difference of two.

In a rare situation, when this doesn’t happen till 29 points, the team/player to get the 30th point first wins. The person winning one game gets to serve in the next.