We examine why cold pressed juice is being touted as a healthier alternative to juice processed in any other manner.

Not all juices are created equal. We think we are making a great choice when we pick up that pack of orange juice instead of a fizzy cola bottle that lies beside it in the supermarket shelf. But the reality is that the juice option may be less healthy than you imagine.

The only way to find out whether the juice you drink is giving you a nutritious boost with every sip, is to figure how it has been processed.

The three kinds of methods used to make juice are centrifugal, masticator and cold pressed.

#1 Centrifugal: Most popular method, which uses metal blades to break down the fruit or vegetable to make juice. Now here’s the bad part: the heat generated by the metal blades destroys the delicate enzymes, and reduces the nutritional content.

#2 Masticator juice : The second popular kind, made by using a slow rotating gear to break the fruit or vegetable and then extract juice. This is healthier than that made using the Centrifugal process, since the damage caused by heat is absent.

#3 Cold Pressed juice: This is the best kind, since it is made by pulping fruits and vegetables- and then squeezing the pulp to extract the juice. Cold pressed juice is undoubtedly the most nutritious, since the pulping and squeezing of fresh produces doesn’t destroy enzymes, vitamins or lead to oxidation. Drink this straight up, and you are guaranteed a chemical free, sugar free and preservative free experience!