Quitting the habit of drinking, or even cutting down your alcohol consumption has many surprising benefits. Read about 6 of them. 

Giving up booze can be tough, but the countless benefits make it worth an effort. So if you are a regular drinker, take a break from boozing, for some days, or weeks. Or simply cut back.

Here are some of the long and short term benefits, of giving up alcohol.

Foreverfit- Benefits of cutting down alcohol

#1 You look younger

Alcohol has a major, negative impact on your skin and physical appearance. Regular drinking makes you look haggard and tired, as it decreases the body’s production of anti-diuretic hormone, which helps the body to absorb water.

Since alcohol is a diuretic, it leads you to urinate more. Over a long period, it causes sagging skin and premature ageing.  So, cutting down on the booze will take some years off your face.

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#2 Your physical fitness increases

Alcohol is a source of empty calories, and provides zero nutrition. So, all the alcohol you consume is processed and stored as sugar, later converted into fat.

When you stop drinking, you naturally shed unwanted pounds. And guess what else?  Giving up alcohol increases your body’s ability to absorb more of vitamin C, zinc, folic acids and more.

Foreverfit- Benefits of cutting down alcohol

#3 You sleep better

It is true that you might doze of quickly after a night of drinking. But this is misleading: drinking actually increases alpha wave patterns in the brain, a kind of cerebral activity that usually occurs when you are awake but resting.

As a result, you end up with disrupted sleep. When you give up alcohol, you might take a while to fall asleep, but you will get a restful sleep. You are more likely to wake up refreshed and sharp the next day.

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#4 Your risk for cancer reduces

Alcohol use has been linked to higher risk for cancer of mouth, liver, breast, and rectum. The more you drink, more the risk increases. So, cutting down alcohol also cuts down your risk of cancer.

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#5 Your immunity rises

Drinking regularly can reduce your immunity. Even one night of heavy drinking can interfere with your body’s ability to produce cytokines- a chemical that helps fight off infections.

Obviously, your ability to fight infections and illnesses will rise once you affect an alcohol cutback.