Foreverfit advises newcomers to the diving board on the most important factors to consider, while they are perfecting their diving moves. 

Diving is an exhilarating experience.  But it’s important to get it right, so take it slow and follow the suggestions before to stay safe while you learn.

#1 Find the right pool

For amateurs, the right pool is something which is deep enough to keep you from hitting the surface and risk a head or spinal injury. Looking out for pools with clear water-level indicators is an easy way to go about this.

Till you are extremely sure of your diving skills, don’t venture into ponds, lakes, or any other natural water body as they have inconsistent water depth and may lead to injury.

#2 Start small

Even if you have taken diving lessons before, it is important to start with smaller steps to ensure safety. First crouch closer to the pool with toes over the edge of the pool and dive slowly. Once you are comfortable diving this way, try diving from a standing position.

Ensure that you have someone to assist you for the first few dives till you gain confidence. Ask someone to place one hand on your belly and the other one on your back to guide you into the pool.

#3 Try diving from a starting block and a diving board

Once you are comfortable with diving in the standing position, try more advanced and complex diving styles like those from a starting block or a diving board. The important thing is to focus on diving without splashing too much of water. When on a starting block you need to crouch and do a low dive.

When on a diving board you need to take few steps, a gentle jump on one leg to gain altitude, and ensure that you are at the edge of the board before jumping off in a streamlined position to ensure a smooth entry.

#4 Think twice before doing this

Doing the Jackknife dive is a dream of many. As elegant as it may look, this form is not easy and requires lot of practice. To do this, begin with a hurdle, lunge, and jump on the board with hands-over-the-head position.

Then, raise your hips to your shoulder level, reach arms towards the toes forming a perfect upside-down V, straighten your body and dive.