Expert fitness trainer Pratik Sehajpal suggests some easy to implement eating modifications, for fat loss.  

People resort to all kinds of things to lose fat. They take pills, follow harsh and restrictive diets or work out for hours, without stopping. But this doesn’t give them the results they want.

That’s because long-term weight and fat loss calls for a change in lifestyle, easy to make, easy to maintain. Here are 6 daily habits I suggest you try and practice, for 6 weeks at least. Let me know how it goes!

#1 Drink green tea first thing in the morning
green tea cup
A cup of green tea with juice of half a lemon really helps to kick start the metabolism.
#2 Eat a protein rich breakfast
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Eating a protein rich breakfast gives a feeling of satisfaction and fullness, and ultimately aids in fat loss. Digesting proteins burns more energy than digesting carbs and fats, so you are guaranteed a metabolic boost from a hearty protein meal.
# 3 Eat salad before meals
Eat a fruit and vegetable salad half an hour before your main meal, to alter the metabolic rate of your body. This aids the digestion and helps you eat less at the meal itself.
# 4 Add cinnamon to your diet
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This spice is energy boosting and maintains the blood sugar level at an even level. In addition, cinnamon aids fat loss, so sprinkle in on your cereal or fruit every day to reap the benefits.
# 5 Cut carbs at night
Refrain from the late night carb snacks. Instead, eat nuts or high protein foods with low or no carbs in order to stay full and satiated. In my experience, eating carbs at night leads to bloating and negates the benefits of a fitness or diet plan. If you’re looking for weight loss, then stick to just proteins and you are guaranteed results.
# 6 Have a bedtime boost
Have a handful of nuts or drink a casein shake 15-30 minutes before bedtime. Your body will slowly metabolize and digest this throughout the night, preserving energy in your muscles.