Struggling with body odour? Believe it or not, the solution may not be good hygiene alone.  Read on, for solutions. 

Do people make a face when they stand too close to you? Do you get an off-putting whiff of your own body odour at times? Whether it’s a post-workout scenario, or just the outcome of a really long, hectic day, body odour really doesn’t help you gain friends, or influence people!  So, do take some action to rid yourself of it, and stop repelling everyone.

The first thing to know, is that sweat is virtually odourless to humans. Rather, the stench of sweat is due to the acid produced by the rapid multiplication of bacteria, in the presence of sweat.

Here are some basic tips to help you tackle this stinky business:

#1 Improve armpit hygiene
Reduce armpit sweat by regularly shaving or waxing your underarms. Keep the area dry, to prevent bacteria from multiplying.  You can mask your body odour by using a deodorant, or antiperspirant. But remember, these aren’t the same.

While deodorants have a mild antibacterial impact that kill odour producing bacteria, antiperspirants simply block your sweat glands. Ideally, you should stick to deodorant use during summer, since antiperspirants interfere with sweat elimination from the body.

#2 Watch your diet
Avoid spicy foods, and garlic, as these food items have a tendency to make body odour more pungent. Also, gorge on spinach, chard and kale. Such green, leafy vegetables are, quite naturally, rich in chlorophyll- which has a powerful rejuvenating effect on your body. Also avoid drinks containing alcohol or caffeine, since they make you sweat more.

#3 Wear clean, porous garments 

Wash your workout gear regularly.  Moreover, make sure you wear garments made of natural fibres, that allow your skin to breathe. The faster your sweat evaporates, the lower the chances of your sweat turning odourous.

#4 Go for some sanitiser

In an emergency, if there’s no deodorant around, dab some sanitiser on your armpits instead. This quick fix will kill the bacteria and reduce the odour, for a short while. Also, you may use a pinch of baking soda, to absorb the moisture and get rid of the bacteria. Dust it on any odour-prone area of the body.

#5 Shower daily with warm water

Bathe with warm water, as this helps kill the bacteria on the skin. In exceptionally hot weather, consider bathing more than once a day. Also, do get into the habit of washing your armpits, with antibacterial soap. Just make sure they are completely dry, before you put on your shirt.