Listen to music, exercise and meditate your way out of that bad mood. Just make sure your blue mood is temporary, and not a sign of clinical depression. 

All of us feel low and depressed at times. This is a natural reaction to some events in our lives, and stress. But prolonged bouts of sadness and anxiety are harmful to the body, pre-disposing it to diseases. So the best way to ensure that stress doesn’t build up and make you miserable, is by finding ways to relieve it.

Look for activities that lift your mood, such as gardening, keeping a pet, reading the classics. Aside from this, here are some other tips that may help you overcome depression.

#1 Pay attention to your breath
Shallow and rapid breathing is sign of stress.  In fact, breathing in the right way can help alleviate anxiety and keep your energy levels high throughout the day. So, learn and practice several breathing techniques such as pranayama, for complete mind and body relaxation.

#2 Meditate for 20 minutes

Meditation is a great stress buster, and research supports the impact of this on brain function too. For example, a technique called “mindfulness” is useful to increase self-awareness. In addition,this can help you keep a check on negative emotions. Aside from this, you can pick from a range, and join a class to practice.

#3 Play uplifting music
Banish the blues by listening to your favorite music. Go for mood-lifting peppy numbers that make you feel happy. If you are at work or at some place where listening to loud music is not possible, just put on your headphones. Also, do explore classical and instrumental music, as they are proven to soothe turbulent emotions.

#4 Reach out to people
When you are feeling low, it’s a good idea to talk to a  close friend or relative. For the most part, a rational listener who is keen on helping you feel better can work wonders! If you feel you need an objective listener on a regular basis, you can consider a professional counselor.

#5 Hot bath and massage
A warm shower or a refreshing bubble bath can relax your mind and body and change your mood. Essential oils such as lavender, germanium or chamomile are useful to relieve stress and depression, so add them to your bath oil. Get a regular massage too, as this relieves muscular tension and promotes well being.

#6 Brisk exercise
Do regular cardiovascular exercise such as aerobics, power yoga, cycling, or running. Even a long walk can uplift the mood, because exercise gets your adrenaline pumping and prompts you to release endorphins, that uplift your mood.