It’s easy to stay fit with football, a vigorous team sport which comes with a truckload of physical and mental benefits. National women’s team football player Jyoti Burrett tells Foreverfit about some of these. 

#1 Improves Heart Health

Research by Copenhagen University noted that men who played an hour of football 3 to 4 times a week had a considerably lower cholesterol level, enhanced muscle strength, and a normal blood pressure level. According to Jyoti Burrett( in pic below) Indian National Women’s Footballer, “Playing football is a great, fun way to stay fit. It keeps your mind alert, creates balance, strengthens your heart-lung capacity.”

#2 Promotes Weight Loss and Body Toning

Football works all the body muscles and boosts the metabolism. So, regular play in combination with a healthy diet helps to build muscle mass. “Since football is an endurance sport, a player needs to pack in carbohydrates before and after a game,” says Jyoti. The best way to fuel your body for football, is by eating 5 meals a day. “Healthy fats and plenty of protein in the diet protect against injury and muscle fatigue,” Jyoti explains.

#3 Improves Cognitive Abilities

Playing football calls for intense concentration and smart strategy, since a player must have the ability to plan and predict the opponent’s strategy. Therefore, it is essential to develop these skills, which enhance the mental strength, and cognitive abilities of the player. In addition, sharp reflexes and persistence are also important qualities on the field.

Jyoti 2

#4 Improves Decision Making and Coordination
“Being aware of where the ball is and how play can progress requires mental concentration and the ability to make quick decisions as well as think ahead,” says Jyoti. All the dribbling, passing, and turning required at short intervals of time also trains the body to be more balanced and coordinated.

#5 Minimises Stress and Improves Endurance
Like all sports, football is also good for managing stress and helps to increase the endurance level of the body. It also helps boost the overall stamina and improve the aerobic and anaerobic capacity of your body.