We share 4 online fitness spaces that make it easier to pursue a healthier fitness and eating plan for a more active lifestyle 

Are you one of those people who keep making excuses about why you don’t exercise? There’s no doubt that our routines can be very hectic and making time for exercise seems like a daunting task at times. Finding the right kind of fitness and eating plan that fits our personality and body type is possible by consulting online fitness spaces. Here are some of our favourites:

F11 Log on to stay fit - 11. Fitness Blender: aims to make fitness easier for people with minimum financial expenditure. You can scroll through this website to choose your preferred type of workout, intensity, time, equipment requirement and parts of the body you would like to focus on. Their website also provides diet plans and workout plans that don’t require you having to stream videos online.

F11 Log on to stay fit - 22. Sweaty Betty: provides a variety of fitness classes online that can help you attain your ideal body from the comfort of your home. Sweaty Betty provides a number of yoga routines and HIIT routines. They also cater to any fitness level making it easier for you to work towards your stamina.

3. Pinterest:  is popular among many people as it caters to a variety of topics ranging from exercise routines to diet plans. You can also use this website to create mood boards and put together healthy recipes. Many fitness gurus have uploaded their fitness routines so if you don’t have time or the resources to stream videos online, you can simply look at the work out lists provided and number of repetitions to get in shape.

F11 Log on to stay fit - 44. Live Strong: caters to fitness information ranging from calculating your BMI to work out videos. Live Strong provides a number of different works out plans and videos, making it easier to choose what works for you best. You really don’t need to own exercise equipment to get fit.