New fitness devices such as trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS-enabled gadgets enable you to track your progress on fitness parameters. 

Shape Up With These Fitness Apps - 1#1 Couch to 5K
This app is perfect for you, if you are keen to increase your endurance or start running. It offers you three 30-minute workouts per week as part of a free 8-week programme. And guess what? This can prepare you to run a 5-km marathon, in just two months.

The Couch to 5K regime includes walking, jogging, warm ups, and stretches with custom tips, to keep your motivation high.  In addition, this easy-to-use workout tracker helps you stay focused, as you groove to your favorite tracks from the built-in music player.

Shape Up With These Fitness Apps - 2#2 Zombies, Run!
This app is commonly used by runners, who can imagine themselves in a post apocalyptic world, escaping from zombies. The theme of Zombies, Run! is based on the survival of the last few of the human race in a zombie infested world. So, you will need to build your supplies as you move along, rescuing other survivors on your way around the city.

The app picks up on your running pace, and increases this so that you burn more calories. Also, Zombies, Run!  adds an element of fun filled action, to your fitness platform. You can walk, jog, run, or jump as you complete missions. Ultimately, Zombies, Run! is suitable for people who don’t particularly enjoy listening to music during a workout.

Shape Up With These Fitness Apps - 3#3 Pocket Yoga
If you are a strong believer in the ancient practice of yoga as a well-being mantra, then pocket yoga is the app for you. This self-guided app can be customised, fits into your daily routine, and takes you through visual and voice instructions for over 150 illustrated asanas.

Shape Up With These Fitness Apps - 4#4 The 7 Minute Workout
As the name suggests, this globally popular app can get you to finish workout regimes, in less than 10 minutes. This has a set of 12 exercises that are considered as good as an hour-long workout, and get your metabolism going, because they push your limits.

Shape Up With These Fitness Apps - 5#5 Strava
Strava is probably the best peer-reviewed cardiovascular fitness app around, with approximately 100,000 new memberships every week. It gives you every fitness statistic possible, while presenting a detailed analysis of your performance in terms of distance and time.

When you install Strava to your GPS phone, you can easily record your heart rate (if connected to a heart rate monitoring device), distance, time, and other data as you progress.

#6 8tracks
Add some music to your workout with this app, which provides listeners with handcrafted playlists by other music lovers. It is easy to scroll through the playlists. Additionally, the searches can be very specific to what the listener is looking for. If this interests you, do explore 8tracks via the Internet, or download the app, to your smartphone.