Keen to measure progress on fitness, and other goals? Try the fitness bullet journal, a versatile and handy tool for this purpose. 

If you’re an avid exerciser, then you know how important it is to track your progress. A fitness bullet journal is a customisable and innovative analog tracking system for the digital age. This is multipurpose, and can work as a planner; a to a to-do list, a sketchbook or a diary.

Fitness bullet journals have many takers today, since they facilitate a ‘all-in-one-place’ access exercise log. Users can track daily tasks, as well as long term targets in the form of easy to see, customised data.

Here are a few parameters that can be tracked with the Bullet journal:

1. Healthy habits tracker
You may want to pick up a healthy habit, or dump a bad one. Begin by charting down 2 or 3 good practices you want to achieve on a day-to-day basis and start logging! Many tools exist, to track your progress on this front. You may want to start out on a small note, so that it is easier to sustain.

2. Monthly fitness programme

Are you planning to enroll for yoga classes or sessions of pilates, spin or even a regular gym sessions? You can easily log your progress every session, marking the hard days and the easier, more fun ones too.


3. Mental health log
A bullet journal can be your friend, who knows your every emotion. Jot down every mood swing- when you felt like singing, or the other extreme- completely frustrated and angry. Customize your journal by tracking your solutions for good and bad days.