From smart watches to tracking devices, wearable technology promises to make it easier to realise fitness goals. Here’s a quick look at some popular fitness gadgets. 

When fitness is the name of the game, no stone must be left unturned in the endeavour to realize your maximum potential. And while some may prefer going about it the hard way, remember that technology can help you turn the corner when you’re stuck.

So many gadgets curated especially for fitness fanatics are proven to change people’s perspectives on health and fitness. Here are 4 of our favourite fitness gadgets, guaranteed to boost your fitness quotient:

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#1 Piq Robot

For all the boxing fanatics out there, this one’s for you!Fight Club on Tuesdays are more fun, sinceFrench start-up Piq partnered up with Everlast, to launch a gadget that measures the speed and impact of a punch!

What’s more, you can also monitor your progress from your smartphone, or track and adjust your training routines to improve faster.

#2 Under Armour Recover Sleepwear

Mental alertness and balance is as important to an athletic performance, run or game as physical fitness. That’s where gym apparel brand Under Armour comes in with it’s new sleepwear, that helps athletes and fitness buffs recover from stress while they’re asleep.

This sleepwear is lined with TB12 technology, which helps absorb natural heat from your body. Additionally, it reflects ‘Far Infrared’ back at you. Reportedly, this helps you recover more quickly, leading to sounder sleep.

#3 JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

You know a gadget is going to deliver if it’s been delivered by two reputed companies. In this case, we’re referring toa set of in-ear Bluetooth headphones  developed byUnder Armour and audio experts at JBL. The thing is, these are no ordinary headphones!

Aside from playing music that gets your heart racing, these headphones also measure your heart rate. Yes, you’ve got it: these headphones have a built in heart-rate monitor.

And they can be connected to the company’s free Record platform, allowing you to track your workouts in great detail. Moreover, there are audio updates for things like pace, distance, heart rate, and so on, enabling you to improve on previous workouts.

#4 Fitbit Charge HR

The new Fitbit release has advanced technology, which gauges calories burned and assesses your patterns. So, you get a comprehensive idea of how hard you’re working out, and which direction to take.

Furthermore, the Fitbit Charge HR measures your resting heart rate, and tracks it too. Importantly, this is measured while you’re asleep and your body is at its calmest. Better still, this device is one of the fitness gadgets capable of tracking your measurements throughout.

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