Vidur Seth blamed his bad eating habits and lack of physical activity for his weight of 134 kg. Luckily, moving to Dehradun to set up a wellness retreat turned things around, changing his view of fitness and health. 

I was born and brought up in Delhi, and went to Vasant Valley school. Though the school didn’t have a canteen with junk food, this didn’t stop me from acquiring a taste for the wrong kind of food.

In fact, I was a social, happy-go-lucky kind of guy, more involved in the performing arts rather than sports. No wonder I was overweight.

Move outside India didn’t help

Later, I moved to Australia for my higher education. Living there I piled on many pounds and was heavier than ever. My weight went up to 134 kg, because of my unhealthy lifestyle.

I blame the strong drinking culture and wide array of junk food available, for my weight gain.

Foreverfit- Vidur Seth Transformation

Was introduced to a healthy lifestyle in Dehradun 

In 2014, I relocated to Dehradun, to help start up a wellness retreat. Here, I was introduced to a whole new lifestyle. There wasn’t much junk food around.  For the first time in my life, I tried switching to organic food.

In addition, I learned about the wonders of indigenous medicines and alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, cupping, yoga, aromatherapy, and Tibetan healing.

Fitness is a broad term

Earlier I had a very narrow tunnel vision for the term fitness. But being here made me realize that fitness is more of a lifestyle than a single term. Importantly, it consists of different elements- mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.

Being fit is all about having these in balance. Being in an environment that encouraged the development of all these elements was amazing. I figured it was now or never, when it came to my health.

Foreverfit- Vidur Seth Transformation

Started with only cardio workouts

Initially I was under an impression that doing only cardio will be able to help me achieve my weight loss goals. Hence, I focused a lot on cardio exercises. But after 6 months of hardcore cardio, I gradually introduced strength training to my regime.

Made new food choices

I first dietary change I made, was to cut down the intake of sugar. Sugar is your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss. I started using honey instead of sugar and replaced regular table salt with Himalayan rock salt.

Also, I chose healthier carbs like sweet potatoes, and brown rice instead of potatoes and white rice. Aside from this move, I also started practicing portion control. Instead of 3 heavy meals a day, I got into the habit of having 6-8 smaller meals.

Enjoyed my cheat meal

Cheat days are a must for me, and every 10 days I allowed myself a cheat meal. Minus this indulgence, it’s hard to stay motivated, since eating healthy 24 x 7 can fuel cravings, and lead you to eating a large pizza all by yourself. I figured it’s better satisfy my cravings in moderation!

Patience is important

I lost 52 kg over 2 years! Today, I weigh 82 kg. The biggest lesson I learned during this process of weight loss is that patience is the key to anything you want to achieve. And that a healthy lifestyle is a huge asset in life.

Never expect to see results overnight. A Chinese proverb “A thousand-mile journey starts with a single footstep” sums it up. So, you have to be patient and disciplined. Be consistent, and good results will follow.