Life changed dramatically for Tinkesh when he lost both his legs and one arm at the age of 9. Though his disability doomed him to an inactive existence, read how his pursuit of fitness enabled him to overcome limitations. 

I was an energetic and a naughty 9-year-old who used to love spending time outdoors. But then tragedy struck, when I lost both my legs and one arm. This accident took place when I was flying kites on the terrace, and my kite got stuck in an electric wire.

An electric shock struck

Unaware of the danger, I attempted to untangle my kite from the wire. To do this, I climbed a wooden ladder, accidentally touching a wire with 11,000 volts of electricity flowing into it.

I was barefoot, and unfortunately, my left arm caught fire as soon as it touched the wire. Somehow, my father and some neighbors managed to pull me free. My father says I was stuck there for around 2 minutes, with my arm on the wire.

I survived despite the odds

When my parents took me to the hospital, the doctors completely refused to treat me. They thought I had zero chances of survival. Luckily, my parents knew some people who helped me get admitted in the hospital.

I was unconscious for 3 days and when woke up, I had already lost my arm as it was severely burned. The doctors said nothing could be done about it.

Despite their attempts they couldn’t save my legs either. I spent 3 months in hospital and the next 3 in a rehab center, after which I could walk with the help of prosthetic legs.

Life changed overnight

Though I resumed my education two years after this tragedy, I became lonely and depressed. You see, I was confined to my home, and had no friends to talk to.

On top of that, I was getting fat due to lack of activity, and it was very frustrating. I knew that something had to be done, and slowly faced my scenario.  One day, I just got up and I decided that nothing could stop me from getting fit and living a healthy life.

Foreverfit- tinkesh

Took the road to fitness

I started going to the gym, and to be honest, I haven’t faced any difficulties working out. I exercise like any other guy in the gym, except that my routine varies. Every day, I train one body part.

Apart from the gym, I also run and go cycling very often.  By now, I am addicted to fitness and I want to stay fit all my life. I’m working hard every day to get fitter and healthier.

Supportive friends and family 

I am grateful to the people who have been my pillars of support. My family and some friends were always there for me. Also, my friend Yogi Gokhale, initially guided and motivated me to start working out.

My parents were supportive of my initiative, and Energy fitness club gave me a lifetime membership to their gym. Many others have supported me in countless ways.

Foreverfit- Tinkesh

Overcome limitations and solve problems

Most people with my physical disabilities would have given up. They would have let circumstances take over, and got influenced by the misconception that they have no control left in their lives.

But, I think your limitations are just in your mind. So, just believe in yourself and nothing can stop you from achieving what you want in your life.

I turned my life around because I refused to be disappointed about my losses. Instead, I focused on solving my problems. I just don’t aim to be fit, but I also want to inspire others with my transformation. If I can do it, why can’t you?