Shailesh knew he had to take action, when the weighing scale hit 153 kg and his blood pressure spiralled. Read how he overcame his fondness for rich food, and achieved a weight loss of 32 kg in 7 months.

I have been a foodie all my life. But as I got older, my eating habits got worse and worse, and my meal schedule also worsened. One day, I realised how out of hand the situation had become: the number on the weighing scale was 153 kg!

I loved all the wrong foods

Many lifestyle factors and eating habits contributed to my obesity. For one, I have always been crazy about sweets. I never felt my meals were over, unless I ate dessert.

And then I enjoyed eating fried snacks with with my drinks, in the evening. My fondness for rice was also hard to control. Together, these habits led to massive weight gain.

Shocked when clothes stopped fitting

I was growing fatter each day, and my wife was always worried about my health. Worse still, my obesity led to high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. I was taking medicines for both, and my wife kept reminding me that if I carried on this way, I would face serious health problems.

Then, one day in the last week of August 2017, while getting ready for work, I was shocked to find that I couldn’t fit into my clothes. That day, I realized I need to listen to my wife’s advice and start losing weight.

Dieting worked for me

So, I decided to control my diet.The combined effort of my dietitian Dr. J. Talwar, and my wife- who ensured preparation of meals on my diet chart- my weight loss journey became a lot easier.  Without their support, it would have been just a dream to fit in my favorite old clothes. 

I am amazed at how well my body has responded to the healthy changes in my diet.So far, I’ve lost 32 kg in 7 months. My health also improved: now I only need half the dose of medicines for my sugar and blood pressure now.

Today, my weight loss journey goes on, and I am confident my weight will be a double digit number soon.

Think twice before you eat unhealthy

I learned that it’s easy to eat junk food, and get obese, but taking the weight off isn’t an easy task. It requires discipline, mental strength, and patience to lose weight.

So please, eat healthy and avoid reaching the point I did!