Ever had one of those days where everything seems overwhelming and you can’t catch a break? Just try these office exercises to bring back a sense of calm and control- and thank us later!

Stretches you can do using a desk and chair

#1 Spinal Twist: Turn to your left side while sitting straight in your chair (as though you’re looking behind you). Grab the top of the chair with your left hand to have more impact on the spine. You should feel a comfortable pull at the bottom of the spinal column. Do the same on the right side, and repeat a few times to ease up.

#2 Desk Plank: Place your hands on your desk (shoulder-length width) and step back, until your body is in a straight line. Your hips and shoulders should be in line with each other, and you will feel a stretch in your spine. Stay in that position and breathe in 5-10 times. Repeat a few times; this will help exercise all the muscles that stay cramped after sitting too long at a desk.

front view of an indian young businessman meditating or practicing yoga or pranayama or breathing exercise in corporate attire in the office or isolated over white background

#3 Breathing exercises to induce calm

Sit in a comfortable position and take some deep breaths. Exhale and visualise a natural setting that you love- the seaside, a mountain view, park or lake. Move on to the following exercises.

 Start with ‘anulom vilom’ (alternate nostril breathing).

Sit with your back erect and your muscles relaxed. On your right hand, fold the index and middle finger.

1)Place your right thumb on your right nostril (to close it) and inhale from the left nostril, slowly.

2) Then place your right ring finger on the left nostril (again, to close it) and exhale deeply from the right nostril.

3) Take a deep breath in from the right nostril now.

4) Now place your right thumb on the right nostril once again, while removing the ring finger from the left nostril and exhale, using the left nostril.

5) This is one circuit. You should inhale for 5 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds each time. Repeat this a few times, focusing on your breath. You should feel more centered once you’re done.

After that, do the ‘kapalbhati’ (skull-cleaning exercise) to bring clarity to your mind.

Breathe in, and then expel the air out with a contraction of the abdomen. The exhalation has to be quick and short, throwing the air out of your body but without any jerks. Only use the force of the abdomen. Inhale quickly after each expulsion. Each round: 8-10 expulsions. Increase this over a period of time.