Read the inspiring journey of Vineeta Gupta, who pushed herself into fitness and an active working lifestyle. She now dons three hats- fit mom, family business owner and homemaker. 

What motivated you to transform yourself?

My main motivation to keep fit and healthy was my son, who was very young when I started working out. I wanted to be an active mom with high energy levels and at the same time be able to work with my husband and run a home. 

What made your transformation a successful one?

I have over the years built up great self discipline. I am not tempted easily by guilty pleasures like junk foods and sweets. My family and friends have been very supportive in my journey. It’s a matter of great pride when people tell me that I look great. 

Tell us about your fitness regimen and diet that you followed.

I make sure to stay active and complete at least 8000 to 10000 steps each day. I make sure to hit that number by the end of each day, as I feel guilty on the rare occasions I don’t. 

My workouts consist of some Yoga and Strength Training workouts. I eat clean, frequent meals planned and provided by the amazing Apoorvi Sethi and walk at regular intervals.

What’s your fitness mantra?

My fitness mantra is to be better every day and keep going even if I am tired. Tiredness is a state of mind!

Tell us a bit more about your trainers and mentors. How did they push you along the way?

My trainers play a vital role in motivating me and getting the best out of me. Vipin and Bindiya push me when I’m not at my best and create an effective customized workout plan for me every time I hit the gym. They are always quick to warn me not to gain much weight! 

Any more interesting details- recovery from injury, personal challenges etc.

I have had multiple fitness challenges and brushes with injury in the past but I kept going.   

I have always been scared of gaining extra weight as excess weight most often leads to health issues. My daily activities and diet are meticulously planned and focussed towards my goals. I want to be an example for my friends, family and peers. I want to prove that age is just the number. Even when I hit a weight-loss plateau, I motivate myself to keep going. I can never even think of giving up!