Always wanted a ballerina’s body? Give barre workouts a try, and live out your Swan Lake dream!

Barre is a ballet-inspired workout method that helps build toned and lean muscles. It borrows from dance, yoga, pilates, and even functional training.

For those who already work-out regularly, barre is a good addition to their regime. After all, a combination of different workouts creates the leanest, best body possible! Also, the small, precise movements of a barre workout are designed to improve balance, impart an increased range of motion, and enhance flexibility. 

Popular among women and men

Though you may imagine that this is a women-only activity, the truth is that men also enjoy barre. In fact, Barre workouts are set in a fun group format and often include choreographing moves to motivating music.

The benefits are inspiring, for sure. For one, you burn approximately 300-600 calories in one class! Also, fans of this workout find it creatively stimulating. Because it’s simple and inclusive, anyone with a basic level of fitness can try it out.

Journalist making successful attempt of standing on hands using ballet barre, tattooed fair-haired guy rejoicing at small win in sport gym. Barefoot boy wearing white T-shirt and trousers. Concept of sportswear, spacious hall or individual trainings

Many benefits

#1 Barre consists of performing tiny one-inch increments called isometric movements that help build muscle elasticity. This, in turn, increases blood flow to your muscles.

#2 Regular practice makes you more aware of your posture, and helps you improve it over time. Also, it improves balance and coordination.

#3 The best part? Barre workouts strengthen every muscle in your body! Apart from core muscles, you work on your gluteal muscles, quadriceps, and your outer and inner thighs! This even makes your waistline become more defined.

three young cute ballerinas perform exercises on a choreographic machine or barre on the background of a ballet class

Some drawbacks 

#1 The drawbacks are that you will not be able to build functional strength through just barre alone. Also, the cardio you’ll do in typical barre classes isn’t enough for a post-exercise calorie burn.

#2 Lastly, unless you do some strength training, your body will get used to barre workouts, and you’ll stop seeing improvements.

Get Started!

In Delhi, barre classes are available at Fitness Solution in G.K.II and Vesna’s Alta Celo in East of Kailash. Alternatively, you can find several barre workout videos online and practice in the comfort of your home. The best part is that many barre moves don’t require any equipment, and can be done on a mat.

Also, there are many variations of barre. So, styles range from yoga and pilates inspired workouts to a more athletic interval based Flybarre. Ultimately, there is something for everyone.