Planning to buy a bicycle? Foreverfit offers tips on how to choose one that aligns with your cycling aspirations. 

Enjoy the outdoors? If you are an energetic person, who enjoys exploring landscapes and wants to stay fit, then just hop onto a cycle. Head onto a track, or join a cycling group, to derive the best benefits. Fortunately, cycling has a huge fan following, so you’ll never be short of company.

But before you invest in a bicycle, you must get an idea of the kinds in the market. Read on, to figure out which of our favourite 4, is most likely to suit you.

#1 Road bikes

These include the racing bikes, endurance bikes, cyclocross, and touring bikes. Mostly, these are a great choice for riding enthusiasts and fitness freaks, since they are designed for speed and endurance. These come with relaxed geometry and lightweight drop-bar handlebars with a downward curve, making them the ideal choice for endurance and comfort riding.

#2 Mountain bikes

These bikes are more rugged and sturdy, since they are meant for rough and uneven terrain of a mountain. More specifically, they come with inbuilt shock absorbers and have a splendid braking system, effective even on dirt trails and hilly, rocky terrains.

In addition, this category of cycles also feature lower gears, in preparation for steep climbs.  Within this category, you can choose from four subcategories, based on your riding style.

First, you can go for an all-mountain bike for steep ascents and descents. Second, there’s the trail bike for suspension and handling a mix of terrains. Third, you have cross country bikes with great speed and low weight. And last of all, you can pick up a fat bike, with huge, over-sized tires for the splendid traction they provide and the comfort in snowy, and sandy terrains as well.

#3 Hybrid bikes

These are basically a mix of mountain and road bikes created to serve as do-it-all bikes with a plethora of features. In fact, their features of light weight, speed, endurance, versatility coupled with comfort and shock absorption, make this category an an all-rounder bike, fit for almost everyone.

Slightly on the expensive side, these bikes come with disk brakes for responsive and quick braking ideal for all sorts of climatic conditions. Some models even include racks, good lighting systems, and fenders. For the most part, hybrid bikes are usually customized, so you may not find two exactly similar bikes.

#4 Specialty bikes

These are special high-end bicycles, which have very specific features packed in them and are ideal for adventure lovers. This category has a few different kinds. One is the cruiser bikes, with geared rear hubs which are easy to maintain. Second, are the cargo bicycles, which have a big frame and can hold loads of gears and weights.  And third are electric bikes, which are battery powered.

If none of these meet your requirements, you can pick up a folding bicycle, which is compact and easy to carry around. Children’s and women’s cycles are built with height adjustments, and tailored to fit individual requirements. And then there are stationary bikes, like those in the gyms, but better customized to make you feel you are on the road.

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