The General Motors diet is popular, since it guarantees weight loss. But is it healthy? Read what Namrata Juneja told Foreverfit about her experience with this plan. 

A year ago, I’d put on weight due to a sedentary lifestyle because of long work hours. I wanted to make a change that was effective, but also quick. Enter the General Motors diet: a highly-debated diet plan, popularized due to its promise of quick weight loss- 4-5 kilos in just a week, and claims of detoxification. 

The question that I had, was is it truly effective, and more importantly, is it healthy? 

Overview of diet plan

Day 1: any and all fruits except bananas

Day 2: vegetables, either cooked or raw

Day 3: a mix of fruits and vegetables through the day, except potatoes and bananas

Day 4: only bananas and milk on day 4; either 8 small or 6 big bananas and three glasses of milk

Day 5: 6 whole tomatoes (cooked or raw; you can do a tomato soup even); around 600 grams of chicken/fish through the day (or lesser, as per choice) for non-vegetarians and the same quantity of cottage cheese or brown rice for vegetarians

Day 6: chicken/fish or cottage cheese and vegetables (up to 600 grams of meat/cottage cheese, and as many vegetables you want besides potatoes and tomatoes)

Day 7: fruit juice, brown rice and as many vegetables as desired.

Note: You must consume 2 litres (8 glasses) of water daily while on the diet, and avoid alcohol while you carry it out. A 10-minute routine of daily exercise is also to be incorporated.

Overhead view of whole fruits and cut slices in the rows, red, orange, yellow, green fruits with cut pieces on the white background, grapefruit, mango, strawberries, orange, lemon, kiwi
Day 1 of GM Diet allowed me all fruit except bananas.

Does it work?

Yes, I did lose around 4 kg, and felt much cleaner and lighter. I was less inclined to indulge in junk food when it ended. All the water I consumed was good for me. 

That being said, I am aware that if I go back to eating copious amounts of junk food, my extra weight will pile back on.  Luckily, the diet erases all cravings for unhealthy food, so you’ll naturally ease into your old eating habits.

How real are the side-effects?

Very real. The first two days I felt fatigued, a little weak and had a massive headache through the day. Day 3 was better. The lack of variety can be taxing though, and drinking that much water will feel overwhelming initially.

I was also cranky and irritable since I had a hectic week at work, so don’t take this on if you know you’re going to be working overtime or if you’re sick!

The day with only bananas and milk was the hardest for me to get through, since I craved salt. 

Is it worth it?

It’s worth doing the General Motors diet, but once in a six-seven month period only, because the diet plan is a little extreme.

More than the weight loss (which is definitely helpful, whether you have an event coming up or just want to shed unwanted kilos), the cleansing of the system will make you feel like a new person, and give you an energy boost. 

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