Read about how Javed Anwar’s passion for motor bike riding motivated him to give up the foods he loved most: juicy burgers and greasy seekh kebab rolls. He tells Foreverfit about the benefits of his transformation. 

I was never a health-conscious guy, who thinks before he eats. The truth is that I’ve always been a food lover, and I never missed a chance to eat a tasty meal. Despite my desire to improve my fitness level and appearance, my love for the “wrong” food was stronger.

I was not ready to leave those huge burgers and mutton seekh kebabs wrapped with lots of grease! As a result, I started to look like a fat kebab roll myself!

Foreverfit- Jawed Anwar off roading

Riding a motor bike calls for fitness

Anyone who is an avid biker/off-roader needs to be physically fit. Since I’ve been keen on motorcycles all my life, both physical and mental strength really matter to me.

But my lifestyle didn’t support physical fitness, and I wasn’t fit enough to undertake a long bike ride. Since my ambition to increase the length of my rides was high, I decided to make a move to get fit and undergo a physical transformation.

My exercise routine

My focused was mainly on the core and upper body strength. I started with mixed exercises, mostly cardio. Once I got used to this routine, I started intense weight + cardio training. This is what my plan looked like:

15 minutes Cardio which includes Running/Skipping/Stretching/Cycling on each day.

Monday:                Chest + Biceps

Tuesday:                Back + Triceps

Wednesday:         Shoulder + Thighs


Sunday: Cardio + Complete Body Workout

Foreverfit- Jawed Anwar transformation

The Ketogenic diet blew up my efforts

I stopped eating all carbohydrates for 4 months: chapatti, bread, rice, pasta etc. Then, I tried to follow a ketogenic diet multiple times but this completely blew my progress.

I lost 7 kgs in just one month, but the weight kept coming back. So, I focused on getting my metabolism back to normal. My diet mantra was to eat healthy but limited amounts of food.

This was my general meal plan:

Breakfast:              2 Boiled Eggs + 1 Fried Egg + 5 Walnuts

Lunch:                   Green Vegetables + Boiled Chicken Breast

Evening snack:    Black Coffee + 2 boiled eggs

Dinner:                  Green Vegetables + Boiled Chicken Breast

Foreverfit- Jawed Anwar transformation

Discipline made a positive change in my life

It was a task for me to control myself. But, slowly and steadily I learnt to observe discipline, and the results emerged soon enough. Every aspect of my life has undergone a transformation.

I started my day at 5:30 am and at 6:00 am, I was on the treadmill. In addition to exercise, making the right food choices changed my life. Now, I am altogether a different person when it comes to planning my day, having my meals and going to bed on time.

I stopped wasting my time socialising mindlessly, and began staying away from late-night parties which effected my morning workouts adversely. And I wake up early automatically now, even on weekends.

Feeling healthy is the greatest feeling

The greatest wealth is is health. Like most people, I had no idea how good I could feel.  Similarly, I’ve never thought I could look close to how I look now.

My first three priorities in life are: working out regularly, eating a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep.

My wife’s support was integral to my transformation

I feel lucky to have a wife who supports my fitness journey. She has always pushed me to work harder, and taken the trouble to cook healthy meals.  Though she doesn’t praise my hard work as much as my kids do, I am grateful for her overall support.

Ultimately, being healthy should be everyone’s first priority, and I’m so happy that it’s become mine.