Foreverfit talks to a performance analyst with the National Hockey team, to understand the health benefits of India’s national game, Hockey. 

#1 Good cardio workout

Hockey is a fast-paced game that involves a combination of skill, strength, agility, speed and endurance,  making it a great cardiovascular workout. Such cardiovascular training helps increase the lung capacity, and increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, thereby boosting circulation.

#2 Promotes weight loss

Playing hockey helps you burn calories faster, ensuring a well-toned body. A 30-minute game of hockey is said to burn about 1.8 calories per pound. When coupled with the right diet, hockey also enables the building of a healthy muscle mass and boosts the metabolism rate of the players. According to Aadhithya Chakravarthy, Performance Analyst with the Indian National Hockey Team, “It is important to follow a balanced diet while playing this sport. Eating plenty of protein and carbohydrates helps build muscle mass.”

#3 Improves brain power
Like other team sports, hockey involves a lot of strategising and planning, which improves concentration and observation power to a great extent. In addition, the game relieves stress and promotes a positive mood, because of the secretion of endorphins in the brain.

#4 Enhances agility and balance
Playing this game makes a player more agile and flexible. The necessity for speedy footwork enhances the stamina and endurance of the players, and also their hand-eye coordination and body balance. “A game of hockey involves much hand and eye coordination and movements at high speed.

Hockey improves the concentration levels of an athlete and builds decision-making skills. ” Your thoughts become positive, and as a sportsman you become confident to face problems and overcome tough situations,” says Aadhithya.

#5 Improves muscular and bone strength

Hockey helps players in developing healthy muscles in the calves, hamstrings, and hip region. In addition, it builds endurance of muscles in the triceps, biceps, arms, and shoulders.