Putting the label “healthy” on a package does automatically make this a nutritious choice.

Making smart eating choices is the secret to good health. That’s why it’s important to analyze the components of foods in packets, and assess whether they are really good for you, or not. Here are some foods that are considered “healthy”, but are, in fact, the opposite:

Fruit juices
Even though they contain real fruit pulp, if you read the label carefully you will realize that these fruit juices are mostly made up of sugar syrup. Notably, there’s only about 20% pulp, while the remaining 80% is sugar syrup.

Granola bars
These bars are apparently healthy, since one of the chief ingredients is oats. But in many granola bars, oats are the only nutritious component. Other additives such as corn syrup, barley malt, and hydrogenated oils used to glue the oats together, are high sources of sugar and unhealthy fat.

Flavored yoghurt
You may be surprised that this has made it to the list. Though regular yoghurt has many health benefits, we can’t say the same about the flavoured kind. The problem is that it contains too much corn syrup. For example, one cup (150 g) of fruity yogurt can contain approximately 36 g of sugar.

Sugar-free ice cream
Sugar-free ice cream may appear to be a healthier alternative to regular ice-cream. But don’t be fooled, because this is packed with artificial sweeteners and excessive artificial flavours. So while you avoid the calories of sugar, you are subjected to the risk of unhealthy ingredients instead.

Corn puffs
Corn puffs are definitely yummy. But bear in mind that they are laden with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and processed corn flour, along with other chemical additives.

There is no such thing as healthy and cholesterol-free butter, as margarine is touted to be. In particular, margarine contains unhealthy transfats that render it cholesterol free, and make it unhealthy. So, choose butter instead.

Corn oil
Marketed with a promise of delivering the essential Omega-3s to your body, corn oil contains 60 times more Omega-6s than Omega-3s. A higher Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio disturbs the fatty acid metabolism of the body, making you prone to various diseases.

Ready-to-use salad dressings
The 98% fat-free label does a good job in masking the 2% fat which can be really unhealthy. These bottled dressings contain a high amount of sugar, vegetable oils, and trans fats that actually reduce the healthy wholesome nutrition in a salad.

Sports drinks
Sports drinks are designed for hard-core athletes. But the electrolytes and sugars in them, aren’t necessary for those who aren’t working out. Although these drinks are healthier than sugary drinks, coconut water and buttermilk are better options.

Breakfast cereals
Marketed with an aim to promote healthy breakfast habits, corn flakes, wheat flakes, and other breakfast cereals make fools out of us. That’s because they are nothing but refined forms of whole grains, mixed with sugar and other chemical flavor enhancers.