Patting yourself on your back for keeping up with healthy habits? Beware! You may actually be doing yourself some harm.

Forming healthy habits is indeed a challenge. Many of us imagine we are doing our health some good by practicing some, as much as we can.

But did you know that overdoing these “healthy habits” may actually create new health problems? Here is the lowdown on some healthy habits with the potential to become unhealthy.

foreverfit- tired after workout. healthy habits.

#1 Too much exercise

Work-outs are supposed to energize your body and your mind. But if you work out too strenuously, for too long, you may end up feeling exhausted and spent. Over-training over a long period, can lower your desire to exercise, and decrease your immunity.

Since your body is always in a state of recovery and repair, it’s too worn out to ability to fight an external infection. The best way to avoid the ill effects of overtraining is to follow a training schedule that varies your training load, and includes mandatory rest phases.

foreverfit- too much brushing

#2 Too much tooth brushing

If you brush your teeth too frequently, hoping they will whiten up, then you must stop. Less is more, when it comes to oral hygiene. Studies have shown that brushing too hard or for too long doesn’t make your teeth cleaner.

Instead, this practice may increase your risk of oral health problems, by damaging the protective enamel on your teeth. Overzealous brushing applies excess force on the teeth, which may expose the nerves of the teeth, increasing sensitivity.

Aside from damaging the enamel, vigorous brushing also cause small cuts on the neck of the teeth, pain and infection.

Workout Supplements. Healthy habits.

# Too many vitamins

You’re wrong if you think it’s good to swallow numerous vitamins daily. Granted that your meal may not supply your body with the nutrition you need, but this still doesn’t justify randomly popping vitamin and other nutritional supplements.

So, do consult a doctor and confirm suspected deficiencies with lab tests. That way, you can be more specific about the supplements you take, and careful about the dosage. Foreverfit- hairfall. healthy habits.

#4 Too much combing 

The belief that frequent combing or oiling of the hair will improve its quality, is a myth. Too much oil application may lead to the blockage of pores on your scalp, causing pimples and fungal infections.

And if you comb your hair a lot, you risk pulling out healthy hair that’s just begun growing. Moreover, for people who have oily hair, combing too much activates sebaceous glands, leading to more oil secretion, clogging pores further.