A problem pregnancy led Sneha to pile on the kilos faster than imaginable. She tells Foreverfit about the fitness and eating plan that helped her achieve her mission of losing weight. 

Though I’ve always been a foodie, I never let my fondness for eating affect my health. I managed to achieve healthy physique by working out regularly. But I never imagined that my eating habits, in combination with a problem pregnancy, would lead to obesity.

Pregnancy was a struggle

Due to complications during my pregnancy, I was given hormones and advised bed rest. In a short span of time, I’d gained lots of weight.

Soon, I had crossed 100 kg. I was very tensed but there was nothing I could do at that point. All I could do was stop stepping on the weighing scale.

Excess weight affected me emotionally

By the time I had my baby, I was so heavy that I could barely move. Even small household chores seemed like a big deal. Additionally, caring for my newborn baby Samara, was hard. So, I ended up frustrated and helpless.

And Samara grew up a naughty child.  She used to take advantage of my obesity by hiding in small places, where she knew I wouldn’t reach her. But what she didn’t know was how strong and a determined I was. I really wanted her to be proud of me, her mother, and decided to take action to change myself.

Foreverfit- Sneha Joseph Transformation

Started home workouts 6 months after baby

After 6 months of having Samara, I slowly started working out at home. My first goal was to gain some stamina required to help me lose weight. Initially, my only workout was walking.

Slowly and gradually when I gained stamina, I started running and climbing stairs. Later, I also started doing some home exercises that my friends told me about, and I learned some from the YouTube videos.

Foreverfit- Sneha Jospeh Transformation

Advanced my workouts gradually

It’s taken me 18-20 months to lose 35 kilos. Since the past 3 months, I’ve started working out at a gym to challenge my body more. So, my workouts are more advanced now. I get high by challenging my body in the gym with workouts like deadlifts, squats and other heavyweight exercises because my goal is to be stronger and fitter, not skinny.

Setting small goals kept me motivated

Even though juggling between home, work, and Samara was tough, I never gave up. I used to set small goals for myself, that helped me stick to my fitness regime. Like fitting into my old clothes, and promising myself that I’d lose a certain amount of weight before any upcoming family function or event.

It’s such a relief to be fit and energetic enough to play with my daughter. Now, Samara has a great buddy in her mother! In fact, when I show her my old pictures, she refuses to accept that her mom used to look like that. I feel very proud and happy that I had what it took, to change myself.