Foreverfit guides you on how to plan a home workout using simple props and furniture.

There’s nothing to beat the comfort of your own home, even when it comes to working out.  The best part is that you don’t need special equipment, to achieve results. So just go ahead and create a home workout plan, based on your own temperament, fitness level and daily schedule.

Tips to get you going

#1 Slow and steady
Before you begin training your body, train your mind to build readiness to adopt an exercise habit and target a bi- or tri-weekly training schedule. Make small changes to your daily schedule, diet, and routine and stick to them.

#2 Check your posture
Simple workout basics begin with good posture. Start by training your muscles through intensive daily activities throughout the day instead of working them in parts, for short periods.

Since you use our legs, spine, and abdominal muscles the most, start with these.  For example, sit erect in a chair without back support at small intervals to keep back problems away.

#3 Identify the best training spots

  1. Staircase
    A stairway within or outside your home is ideal for most exercises starting from aerobics to strength training. Walking or running up and down the stairs can work wonders for your legs. Stairway exercises include:

    • Stair run
    • Incline or decline push-ups
    • Reverse lunges or crossover lunges
    • Triceps Stair Dip
    • Skater Steps
    • Leg hops
  2. Wall
    Walls provide perfect support for a range of body-weight exercises that involve stretching as well as strengthening. They are ideal for beginners to do push-ups and other routines (e.g. with a gym ball) against wall support as it prevents the body weight from falling directly onto the limbs. Exercises using a wall as support include:

    • Wall push-ups
    • Squats, side leg-raises and front leg-raises
    • Wall lunges
    • Wall bridge
    • Leg-up crunches
    • Pumped-up plank
  3. Floor
    All you need is the floor underneath you. Beginners can get going with leg raises, leg circles, crunches, and sit-ups. Add some cross-floor touching, to improve flexibility. Your home workout can also include cardiovascular exercises, such as skipping, spot jogging, and jumping, which are great alternatives to the treadmill and walking outdoors. Floor exercises for powering up include:

    • Reverse crunches
    • High knees
    • Plank and side plank
    • Hip extension leg curl
    • Sliding chest fly
    • Flutter kicks
    • Bicycle crunches
  4. Chair
    Whether you are injured, have knee problems, or are stuck at work, a chair can come in handy for performing many exercises. Just make sure this is sturdy, and has good back support. Here are some high-impact chair workouts you can do:

    • Seated leg raise
    • Bent knee leg raise
    • Tricep dips
    • Squats
    • Seated jacks
    • Leg lift and twist
    • Skater switch
    • Chair running