I never lost sight of my Goal

Shivani Dhir was 120 kg when she hit rock bottom. Read about her miraculous fat loss journey where she lost a whopping 60 kg through sheer will power and determination.

If you want something you’ve never had, then do something you’ve never done!

Back in 2015, I was fat, happy girl who found her ecstasy in food. But this ecstasy was short-lived, and I mostly regretted it. Being overweight wasn’t fun. Shopping was the last thing on my mind, due to my huge size. I avoided outings, since I felt everyone looked at me mockingly.

Weight loss efforts fizzled out

Daily, I thought of losing weight. But the thought passed. Then one day, my dad organized fat loss injections for me. The side-effects were bad. Plus, I hated the idea that my dad- the hero of my life- had given up on me.

Now, I was obese. Somehow, I summoned up the guts to confront my enemy, the weighing machine. I put my elephant feet on the scary contraption. To my horror, the needle shot up to 120 kg! I felt as if I had been shot with 120 bullets.

Shivani Dhir- Fat loss

Exercise was painful

The next day, I gathered my guts and went to the gym. There, I was instructed to walk on the treadmill. But I could barely move, since my feet were swollen. My shoes hurt, my calves throbbed and my back was in agony. The next day, I consulted a doctor. He advised fat loss surgery, saying my BMI was dangerously high.

His advice depressed me. Things couldn’t get worse, and I was at a critical moment. In November 2015, I pulled up my socks, and decided to change my fate. ‘That’s not how my story is going to end’ were the words that echoed in my mind.

No short-cuts for me

So, I started a journey to fight for the best version of me. Instead of shortcuts, I chose a proper exercise and diet schedule. I often recited: No matter how many failures I face, how many sacrifices I have to make, I will never give up. Since I couldn’t use the gym properly at 120 kg, I switched to walking for 15 minutes a day.

My feet throbbed, my knees hurt and my back cramped, but nothing could stop me. People ogled and derided me when I walked. The challenge of keeping this activity up was huge. But I didn’t stop. My pain became my reward; and other people’s sarcasm, my stepping stone towards a miraculous future.

Changed my eating habits

My battle to change my eating habits raged on, all day. Every time I sacrificed a party, a meal or my outing I reminded myself why I started this journey. The view on the top was bound to be amazing. So I matched my 120 kg weight with the same amount of willpower. It was do or die.

Slowly, my weight dropped to 100 kg. So, I rejoined the gym, hoping I wouldn’t be defeated by the treadmill this time. Every dumbbell I lifted felt like a trophy for my hard work. Every walk on the treadmill was another ramp walk towards my success. I began living, eating and sleeping my goal to weigh 65 kg.

fat loss- transformation

The view from the top is great

Gradually I weighed 90 kg, then 80,70 and 60. Trust me the view is much more scenic from my new spot. In the end, whether you attain a goal or not all depends upon how badly you want it.

It’s now or never, so get up it’s time to kick some weight.