Before he began his fitness journey, Anish Varshnei maintains that his weight was always on the higher side. “I gained a lot of weight when I started working long hours sitting at a desk at my office”, he admits. “Yes, bad habits played a major role in that. But now I’m proud to say that my current weight is less than what my weight was 10 years ago.”

Here’s more about his unique journey…

1. Tell us about yourself, your upbringing and interests.

I come from a family which has “manufacturing” in its genes. Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated with production processes. I also had a keen interest in food and the science behind cooking. In my childhood, I always loved to be in the kitchen and try out new recipes. With my family’s support I was able to turn my hobby into my dream of being a chef. 

I am also keen on sports. Sports satisfy my desire to be competitive and also force me to stay active. That’s my perfect idea of entertainment and fitness. 

2. How did you transform yourself? Tell us about your workout, diet and other practices which helped…

I initially started off with 16:8 intermittent fasting, having all my meals in an 8 hour timeframe. I continued this fasting for a while but found I wasn’t losing any weight. To break out of this weight loss plateau, I decided to take it up a notch. I took the bold step of adding a calorie deficit diet to my intermittent fasting. With my own experience as a chef and with the help of The Lose It App I was counting my calories and keeping under my daily calorie allowance. Mastering the art of “eating slowly’ helped me immensely in cutting down my portion sizes and also my unhealthy cravings. I  also increased my water and zero sugar kombucha intake to keep my stomach full at all times. I was delighted that I could lead a regular life where I ate out once or twice a week and still managed to lose weight. I shed 17kgs in two and a half months!

To keep myself active and increase my flexibility I started playing badminton one week into my calorie deficit diet. This helped me lose weight a little faster than I had anticipated. 

3. Who was the person who helped you make this transformation happen?

My uncle was the person who inspired me. He had lost a whopping 51 kgs in a year and when I met him after that year I was shocked and inspired at the same time. He gave me some useful tips on how to lead a regular life whilst also managing to lose weight. He taught me how to calculate my calorie intake with pinpoint accuracy and once suggested “beta never be afraid of entering a few extra calories. That will give you some wiggle room for cheat meals.” This tip I follow till date.

4. What inspired you to come up with your own kombucha brand?

My brother Ishan has always been crazy about kombucha. When he moved back from New York he missed drinking it a lot. I decided to get cracking and my brother and I started experimenting with recipes at home. Finally, we came up with a really tasty drink! We made a lot of people we know try it and they loved it too. My brother and I decided to bring this healthy and amazing drink to the people. Thus, Borecha was born

5. What is your mantra in life? How do you stick to it…

I have two mantras in life. The first is that hard work is the safest way to succeed. There are moments when I am tempted to give up but knowing that my chance of success is much higher if I put in my best effort. This mindset enables me to achieve my goals. 

My second mantra is that every problem has a solution. You may not always like the solution but it will solve the problem. Sometimes one needs to make a hard but practical decision.