Abhilasha Srivastava tells us how her decision to give up solid food and go on a liquid diet helped her bring her weight down from 103 kg, to 73 kg. 

It’s taken me 7 months of dieting, and exercise to lose 30 kg.  In addition to my weight loss, I’ve also dropped 10” around my hips, 8” from my waist, 8” from my chest and 5” from my thighs. 

Motivated to improve my health

Although my husband always accepted my weight and appearance, my brothers urged me to to do something about myself. They were concerned about my health. So I decided to summon up my courage, and change my lifestyle. 

But this was harder than imaginable, because changing habits isn’t an overnight job. I worked really hard to transform into a trimmer, healthier person. 

Foreverfit Abhilasha Srivastava transformation

Diet & exercise routine

I was on a liquid diet for the first month, and eventually began following a semi-solid diet, as below:

Sample Liquid Diet

7 AM – Tea 50 gm
8 AM – Lemonade 50 gm
9 AM – Pomegranate Juice 50 gm
10 AM – Milk Protein Shake 50 gm
11 AM – Vegetable Soup 50 gm
12 PM – Rice Water 50 gm
1 PM – Pulse Water 50 gm
2 PM – Buttermilk 50 gm
3 PM – Salted Lemonade 50 gm
4 PM – Coconut Water 50 gm
5 PM – Tea 50 gm
6 PM – Vegetable Soup 50 gm
7 PM – Lemonade 50 gm
8 PM – Pomegranate Juice 50 gm
9 PM – Milk Protein Shake 50 gm
10 PM – Coconut Water 50 gm

Back to solid foods

Presently, I am on a solid diet. I consume one bowl of curd, a salad, dal(pulses) and one bowl of green leafy vegetables. Depending on how hungry I feel, I also eat a chapatti with my bowl of pulses.

Apart from this, my options include porridge, oats, atta noodles, and fresh, homemade vegetable soup.Whenever my weight goes up, I revert to a liquid diet for a week at a time. This method works to keep my weight in check.

As far as exercise is concerned, I keep it simple. Every morning, I make it a point to go for an hour long walk. Also, I spend two daily hours in the gym. 

Family support really helped

My mother and my brothers were a great pillar of support and strength throughout my journey, and offered immense encouragement and guidance at different points.

Today, I am a healthier, happier person and feel much more positive, fulfilled and self confident. I realize how important it is to do justice to your body and treat it with respect.