21 year old Vicky Taneja tells us about his journey to a slimmer, fitter version of himself by losing 40 kg over 2 years.

I was an obese kid who was addicted to sweets and aerated drinks. My laziness added to my woes, so I weighed 120 kg and felt de-motivated to do anything about my health.

But I hated it when people began laughing at me and comparing me with others, just because I was fat. So, I decided to change my life.

Getting into an exercise routine

I began going to the gym, and working out under the guidance of my trainer. After doing cardio for 10-15 mins, I moved onto weight training- pushups, squats etc for 40 mins. On some days, I did strength training for around 45 mins. When my fitness improved, I added high intensity interval workouts, TRX.

Changing my diet

Once you aspire for a healthy lifestyle, your food habits change. Your diet influences fitness directly, and I made plenty of changes in mine. My diet includes black coffee, pancakes, brown rice, fruits, sprouts, boiled eggs and chicken. I experimented with different diets till I found one I liked. My trainer guided me on this, too.

Overcoming challenges

Adopting changes was tough in the beginning. I found it hard to wake up early and work out. But being supported by my parents, sister and my workout partner helped me stay on track. Motivational posters in the always gym inspire me, and so does good workout music.

Fitness feels fantastic

Seeing the changes in my body and mind has been inspiring. Getting fit has made me more active, more confident and eager to achieve more in my life. I look to the future now, and not at the past. Today, I enjoy traveling, exploring, playing football and volleyball.

I work out daily, because I believe that the journey to fitness is constant, and never ending: whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old. Every day, I sleep with one thing in my mind: that the best is yet to come.

Weight loss

My advice to others is…

Don’t ever feel bogged down in your fitness journey because it’s your fight with yourself that you ultimately have to win. Others will always judge you, no matter what you do. So stop staring at mountains and climb them instead, and you’re sure to get the best view.