Think fitness is a part time choice? The anonymous author of this compelling account challenges this view, and says being healthy is more a frame of mind.

I truly believe getting healthy is a choice that comes from within. I was overweight for most of my life, and eating two McChicken burgers with larges fries ending with softies seemed just fine. Ultimately, it’s our frame of mind that shapes our perspective.

It may seem fashionable to get healthy with a swanky gym membership and high tech wearables in the most upmarket branded clothes. But it’s everything except this. Health and fitness isn’t a choice you take for a few hours of your life, it’s the way you live your life.

My weight loss journey

For me it started with quitting cheese and sugar. I went to a dietitian, followed the plan to the T and lost 15 kgs through that. Shedding the first few kilos is always easy as there is so much bandwidth (haha). But after that one hits a plateau which requires shocking your body, exercising, pushing yourself to sweat it out, not to mention perseverance and dedication.

My grandma once said, you can achieve anything you put your heart onto. Men and women around the world are combating cancer, climbing the Everest, reaching Mars, fighting poverty. Weight loss is the easiest struggle out of these.

First things first – every body is different. I will share a few things that worked for me, though they may not be ideal for your body type, geographical area, genetic makeup, goals, and so on.

  • Early dinner- I swear by the early dinner rule, and limit my salt consumption to not later than 8:00 PM. This helps in keeping my water retention in control, and in avoiding bloating.
  • Snack with Fruits- I have a natural sweet tooth and I like everything sweet. In order to fulfill this and snack effectively I often have a fruit between my meals. (Not more than 2 a day)
  • Adequate Sleep- I love my sleep and I try my best not to compromise with it. A good 8 hours of sleep works wonders for me.
  • Workout- I make it a point to workout five times a week. It isn’t always planned. When short on time, I do a fast yet effective HITS (High Interval Training Schedule) workout or a 30 minute Pilates session.
  • Meal planning- As boring as it may sound, but I plan a night before my meals for the day. I carry my tiffin to work everyday as nothing substitutes for fresh food made at your home kitchen. It also helps me eat at regular intervals keeping the metabolism high and never getting too hungry at any point.
Diet plan mockup with healthy restaurant food delivery. Natural organic fitness nutrition for diet. Daily meals in foil boxes with copy space at white wood. Top view, flat lay
Meal planning works wonders.

Treat your body like a marriage, not a fling

Explore your body. Trial and error is the key. What works for me, may not be your secret sauce. Work on your body the same way you do when you aspire for your dream job, because your hard work today will give you a sweeter retirement tomorrow. My two cents on eating healthy would be:  treat it like marriage, not a fling.

It’s going to be a change in lifestyle for years to come, not a trending crash diet. There’s no harm in wanting to look good and fitting into your ideal pair of jeans. But remember you’re doing it for yourself only; vanity doesn’t go a long way.